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They drank as youngsters – Vlada’s and Katharina’s victory over alcohol!

Zittau (Saxony) – A glass of wine with lunch, two beers after work. What is normal, when am I addicted?

More than 3.4 million Germans have abnormal drinking habits or are already addicted to alcohol.

Entrepreneur Vlada Mättig (35) and her childhood friend Katharina Vogt (35), a neuroscientist, drank too much themselves and have now written a book for a life without alcohol.

It started in her youth

That with alcohol began in her youth in Zittau. “In the clique we drank often and often too much,” says Vlada. Alcohol was always a part of my studies later on. In the first job, they drank with colleagues after work.

“When I was in my early 30s, I slipped from problematic consumption into addiction,” recalls Vlada. Her father was the first to notice, and spoke to Vlada.

Then Vlada went to Alcoholics Anonymous. “Until then, addicts were destroyed people for me,” says the young woman: “In the self-help group, however, there were young, cool people with the same problems as me.”

Vlada decided to go to a clinic – seven months of rehab.

The friend Katharina pulled the emergency brake on her own addiction. Neither of them have been drinking alcohol since then.

“Alcohol works like a fake friend. He pretends to be the star of the party with him alone. If I ask myself whether I’m drinking too much, that’s a warning sign, “says Katharina:” Our new life without alcohol is great. “

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