They dismantled dozens of clandestine parties in Córdoba – Siempre Juntos

The head of Public Shows of the capital city, Julio Suárez, acknowledged that there was a higher number of events not allowed. “It was a night with a lot of unauthorized activity. We detected nine clandestine parties in different parts of the city,” he told Chain 3.

Around 150 attendees were dispersed at a party held in Amperes street at 6,000 in the Villa Belgrano neighborhood, where police officers intervened together with officials from the Directorate of Public Shows of the Municipality of Córdoba.

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About 50 people left a field in the El Quebrachal neighborhood when they noticed the arrival of the police. At that point they were holding a New Year’s Eve party.

After a call to 101, police officers arrived at an address located at 200 Los Tintines street in the Ayacucho neighborhood, where they verified the holding of an unauthorized party with the presence of more than 60 participants. In minutes the meeting was deactivated.

In the Los Nogales neighborhood, between Tomás Garzón and Pampas, a meeting that brought together about 250 people was dismantled. Officials from the Directorate of Public Shows of the Municipality were also present at the place.

In Facundo Quiroga at 100 in the Minetti neighborhood of the town of Saldán, the police verified an event with approximately 300 people who, observing the presence of the uniformed men, left the place.

More than 100 attendees were dispersed at an address on 1300 Salamanca Street in the city of Villa Allende. The procedure was carried out with personnel from the local municipality.

“In some it was possible to prevent people from getting congested early. There were others with a lot of attendance,” he stressed.

The official admitted that there were other clandestine parties: “Surely there were others beyond these nine because the movement was important.”

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In the provincial interior

Around 5.30, police officers managed to deactivate a not allowed party in the city of Cosquín in which there were about 600 participants. The incident took place in a building on Calle Pública s / n in the San José Obrero neighborhood.

In La Cumbre, police personnel were commissioned to the El Galpón bar where they confirmed the presence of minors. By order of the local Justice of the Peace, those present were identified and left the premises.

In Villa Dolores the Amaranto pub was closed for exceeding the permitted capacity of 120 people, in breach of social distancing and biosecurity measures. Upon arriving at the scene, police officers together with officials from the local municipality, verified the presence of more than 250 attendees.

During the afternoon of Thursday and before information about the realization of a large-scale party to be carried out in a rural area of ​​the town of Monte Cristo, the police identified and notified a 24-year-old boy for violation of Law No. 10,702. years who would be the organizer of the meeting. The event could not be completed.

Parties were also dismantled in the cities of Morteros, Balnearia, Juárez Celman, Cruz del Eje, San Francisco del Chañar, Sebastián Elcano, Las Arrias, Colonia Tirolesa, Obispo Trejo, Altos de Chipión, Villa de Totoral and San José de la Dormida. In all these places, the attendance -which ranged between 50 and 200 participants- dispersed. There was seizure of alcoholic beverages and notifications for violation of the law.

Towards the south of the Province, on the old road to Yacanto, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, the police dispersed some 200 people who were gathering at an unauthorized party that was taking place there. The organizer was identified, who turned out to be a 25-year-old youth

In addition, massive events were deactivated in cities such as Villa María (two meetings with 140 and 200 attendees), Río Cuarto (140 and 150), Alcira Gigena (150 and 170), Coronel Baigorria (more than 200), Hernando (120), Third River (80)

Report by Fernando Barrionuevo and Tomás Villagra.

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