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They deny that a member of the Army died after being vaccinated

The death of a first corporal of the Army who served in Zapala shocked his relatives and the alleged connection of his death with the application of the vaccine generated alarm when it was spread through a viral message. The provincial government denied it and assured that they have no record of any death event after the application of the vaccine in Neuquén.

As LM Neuquén learned, the young Daniela Domínguez was 24 years old and worked as a nurse in the federal security force. She was a native of the province of Buenos Aires and provided services in the town in the center of the province.

A friend of the young woman confided to this medium that the corporal was in the river with her partner when she suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest, this Friday night. “They intubated her but another took her and she did not survive. She had asthma and sequelae because she had been infected with Covid not long ago,” he said.

Colonel José Carlos Hilgert confirmed the death of the young corporal, who died at 9:27 on Friday at the Zapala Hospital. However, she denied that she or any other member of the Army had received the coronavirus vaccine in the campaigns that began last week.

Hilgert clarified that the forces are evaluating the possibility of issuing an official statement to deny the false news that revolved around Domínguez’s death. He also detailed that they are still waiting for the possibility that the members of the Army apply the Sputnik V vaccine, although this will depend on the arrival of new games and availability.

“We are based on availability, the Army is planned as essential personnel but, like the provincial government, we do not have precise data on that opportunity,” the colonel told LM Neuquén, adding that, once availability is confirmed of doses for the Army, priority will be given to personnel who perform functions in the health area, in roles of nurses and doctors.

Corporal Daniela Dominguez

While a message that went viral on the networks assured that the young woman had been vaccinated before her death, the young woman’s co-workers, friends and relatives expressed their pain in the networks, although they made no mention of the application of the vaccine Sputnik V.

“It is not to believe, so young, with so much desire to live, your departure tore my soul apart. You will always be present in my heart with that big smile and those crazy things, I know that wherever you are you will be doing something fun. Today with tears and a lot pain I’ll tell you later, at some point we’ll see each other again, “wrote one of her colleagues on Facebook, in a post in which she included images of her.

“Forever that smile and that way of being so happy. You were always in a good mood. Beautiful, young and good person. Rest in peace friend,” said another of her friends on the networks.

Faced with the viralization of fake news, the provincial government assured LM Neuquén that they have no record of any death event after the application of the vaccine in Neuquén. In addition, it was learned that the application of the vaccine in Zapala was only carried out by hospital health personnel, not by federal forces.

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