They denounce the Reform in networks for harassing a woman who accompanied Gatell

Network users criticized and denounced the Reform for airing a person’s private life until it seemed like a gossip medium like Paty Chapoy’s

Regeneration, Tuesday January 5, 2021. Social media users denounced and criticized the newspaper Reform for harassment against a woman who accompanied the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell. By Dante Garcia Berlanga, @limpicatto.

Although she is not a person of public interest for the health issue in Mexico, Reforma followed the woman and investigated her life to publish it. Users noticed this and made the newspaper see that it is a journalistic work more similar to that of celebrity gossip.

Also a journalist from The universal, Luis Cardenas, took advantage of the Reforma note to take a brief profile of the woman with everything and her photograph. The communicator received hundreds of reviews of users, who compared it to Paty chapoy, the host of a famous gossip show.

Cárdenas even placed himself in national trend in Twitter as “Paty chapoy«, Which he tried to take advantage of to make himself known and even challenge his critics. However, some users pointed out that the tweet could incur targeted harassment, a behavior that Twitter penalizes.

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