They denounce that they abused a 6-year-old boy in a usurped property in Salta: “Mom, she made me dirty”

San Calixto neighborhood, Salta.  (Photo: Google Maps)

San Calixto neighborhood, Salta. (Photo: Google Maps)

A woman reported that her six-year-old son was abused sexually on Christmas night in a usurped property in Jump. As a result of the incident, the neighbors demonstrated and asked the authorities to vacate the place, where dozens of tents are installed. Until now there is no detainee.

On December 25, during the Christmas festivities, the minor left his house to go play with his friends. Noticing that he was late in coming back, his mother started looking for him. After several hours a neighbor found him “naked, shocked, unable to react and meters from an empty tent “ in a settlement known as Parque de Vega.

“We started the search for my son and my husband went through the place. We found him when we started yelling at him by name. That’s my fury, because many of the tents were empty, even where my son was abused, ”said the woman in statements to The Tribune.

He also detailed that the boy was attacked by “a subject whom the people of the settlement saw walking next to him” and confirmed that it was one of the people on the premises who warned him when they saw the minor lying on the ground and “without clothes ”. The anger for the baby’s family and the neighbors is greater because in front of the property taken there is a police post.

“When we found him, he was naked with the shirt in his hand and inside the tent the rest of his clothes. (The assailant) He did not hit him. The tent had a destroyed back and we thought the rapist escaped over there ”, he lamented. He also related what his son told him when he found him: “’He told me’ Mom, she made me dirty ‘”.

“The neighbors of the tents that were next to where the rape took place left, they left the place. They saw everything and now they are not. What did the police do? Wait for them to leave. Thus there is no justice. No one immediately investigated. We had to go out into the street for something to be done, ”the baby’s mother complained.

The woman denounced that the settlement works as “a screen” since the people do not live there: “It became a reservoir. They arrive, open the tent, leave, close it and leave, and the same Police take care of them. There are few families living there, and since they settled, peace has disappeared. Everyone knows what happens there but nobody does anything. We ask that they catch the abuser and raise the empty tents ”.

March and claim against abuse in San Calixto

Following the event, the victim’s neighbors held a march in front of the San Remo police station on Saturday to demand that what happened be investigated. There they also demanded the eviction of the settlement. “We ask the prosecutor to remove all the empty tents that are in that property, they are all empty. We ask that you give us an answer for what happened in San Calixto, ”said one of the protesters to the aforementioned media.

San Remo Police Station, in Salta.  (Photo: Video capture)
San Remo Police Station, in Salta. (Photo: Video capture)

The place of the settlement

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