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They denounce that the Minister of the Court Horacio Rosatti tried to stop a case against his son

Horacio Rosatti, Minister of the Supreme Court
Horacio Rosatti, Minister of the Supreme Court

The Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice Horacio Rosatti was sparked by a scandal that has his son as the main protagonist, Emilio rosatti.

According to the information published by the site Our Rosary, the lawyer María Victoria Segado denounced Emilio Rosatti for gender violence. Everything would have started after Segado discovered an infidelity on the part of his partner and decided to end the relationship. According to the complaint, Rosatti – son – not only reacted in a “very violent” way, but also took their daughter away without authorization. Due to these reactions, the Family Judge, Rubén Cottet, prohibited him from approaching his family.

Emilio Rosatti inherited from his father a love for the law and the legal profession. He recently coordinated a seminar of the Argentine Association of Constitutional Law that analyzed the role of institutions in the pandemic. He also published a book on the Trial by Jury that had an impact in prestigious media. In his social networks, he usually shares his academic activity and his passion for Boca, although this morning he blocked all his accounts after the versions that have him under the magnifying glass began to circulate.

He also inherited from his father a passion for the administration of justice. Until the moment the scandal broke out, he worked alongside federal judge Reinaldo Rodríguez, who, upon learning of what had happened, decided to fire the young man denounced by his former partner. As reported by the Rosario site, Rodríguez’s decision prompted the appearance on the scene of various Supreme Court officials linked to Rosatti’s office.

Emilio rosatti
Emilio rosatti

The strategy, which would have been led by a historic political and media operator who daily visits the fourth floor of the Palace of Courts, was attributed two facets by the media that spread the news: on the one hand, pressuring the complaint against Emilio Rosatti not to advance. And on the other promote a criminal complaint to remove the magistrate who had ejected the young lawyer from the Santa Fe Judicial Branch.

This attitude, which unleashed the reaction of employees and officials of the province, did not generate the desired effect: Emilio Rosatti was charged with malicious injuries (Expte Rosatti, Emilio s. Malicious injuries cuih: 21-08448726-8) in a case in charge of the prosecutor Ignacio Suasnabar. And the Federal Chamber of Rosario rejected the complaint against Rodríguez, who continues to lead his court.

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