They denounce alleged sexual abuse of a retired professor from UdeG

Two young people who identify themselves as Paulina and Daniela accused Gabriel “N” of alleged sexual abuse of alleged sexual abuse at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG). The State Prosecutor’s Office reported that it awaits the results of the expert opinions that were requested for the two complaints that were filed against the therapist for rape in both cases.

Both, in their respective videos, have shared their concern as they claim to be threatened by the teacher to prevent them from talking about the abuses they were allegedly subjected to when they had contact with him and were minors.

Paulina assured in her testimony that “my life is in danger. I am going to initiate a legal suit against Dr. Gabriel Vallejo Zerón because he is not the person he claims to be. Some will know him as my teacher, some will know him as my therapist, and some will know him as my dad. It is neither of those things. He abused me when I was seven”.

According to the recording, Gabriel “N” breaks his secrecy agreement with his patients, as he uses the information they share to manipulate them at his convenience. In addition, he detailed that he will proceed legally against the teacher.

For her part, Daniela pointed out that there are threats involved and for this reason she could not get away from the teacher.

“He is a person who breaks the right of secrecy of his therapies and says everything that his patients share and trust him.”

The appointed professor, Gabriel Vallejo Zerón recently participated in a virtual forum with the filmmakers Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón. Both found out about the accusations against Vallejo through Twitter, when the victims shared the publications with them.

Guillermo del Toro from Guadalajara published from his official account: “@alfonsocuaron and I want to express both our support and our solidarity to Paulina and Daniela in this terrible situation.”

While Cuarón joined the condemnation by publishing, answering “@RealGDT yes, all our support. It is necessary to guarantee their safety ”.

A version of the UdeG was requested, but so far it has not issued a position.


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