They denounce a teacher for a misogynistic post

The publication was made on December 29 and provoked a general reaction on the part of gender groups, unions and official institutions in that town of Corrientes. “(It was) a joke and copied, not even mine, but it was not enough”said the teacher after the repercussions and apologized.

Through his Facebook account, the Language and Literature teacher Sebastián Barbará had posted: “Girls, it doesn’t matter the color of the thong for New Years, to approve the finals it is without a thong and at the teachers’ house.”

Finally, the teacher decided to close his Facebook account this Saturday.

For its part, the Municipality of Mercedes, through the Municipal Office for Women and Diversity, repudiated this Sunday “strongly the sexist and denigrating sayings towards the female gender” of the professor, Head of chairs and until December last career coordinator in a Higher Institute of Teacher Training (ISFD) of the public system.

Through a statement that was published this Sunday, the head of the Municipal Office for Women and Diversity, Consuelo Della Rosa, revealed that the Commune requested that the establishment where the teacher works “Is issued before these events and carry out exemplary sanctions”.

Likewise, they manage the elevation of actions to the Ministry of Education, “so that this does not go unpunished,” they indicated. For its part, the Mercedes Human Rights Association reported that “These types of expressions are not just a post, but are part of a history full of hatred, misogyny, xenophobia and verbal violence” of the indicated educator.

Through a document signed by the president of that human rights organization, Dolores Cabral, they also complained “to the authorities of the ISFD Mercedes, to the Directorate of Higher Education of Corrientes, to the Ministry of Education of Corrientes and to the Governor of the Province of Corrientes to take the corresponding concrete measures ”.

Likewise, the Corrientes Peronist Women’s Collective, the Mercedes Justicialista Party and the provincial deputy Marcos Otaño expressed themselves in repudiation, as did the Corrientes Single Union of Education Workers (Suteco) and the Correntina Teachers Association Provincials (Acdp).

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