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“First they denied me land, and this Saturday they denied me housing, me and my children. That is what my brothers did for eleven years without the facts becoming public. Now everything is in view,” he said in dialogue with Page 12 Dolores Etchevehere, after the magistrate Martín Furman, in charge of the Civil and Commercial Court No. 7 of Paraná, revoked this Saturday the ruling that he himself had issued in which he granted Dolores the possession of a succession house in the city of Paraná. The surprising change of position of the judge – the same day that the measure had become effective -, according to Dolores, occurred after a new violent situation led by his brothers, led by Luis Miguel Etchevehere, the former Minister of Agroindustry of Mauricio Macri. This time they broke into the house through the window when she was taking possession and had a heated conversation with the judge in the living room of the building. When they left, Furman had already changed his position and, without respecting due process, annulled his ruling.

The facts

On December 21, Dolores Etchevehere presented a precautionary measure in the court where the succession trial is being processed to request equal conditions to her brothers Sebastián, Juan Diego and Luis Miguel Etchevehere, in addition to the use and enjoyment of a property of the succession in Paraná, together to an income in her capacity as partner-heir. On December 23, Judge Furman issued a ruling in which he recognized Dolores as a victim of economic violence and granted her possession of the property to use as a home with her children. In addition, the ruling obliged her siblings and mother to compensate her for the exclusive use they make of the inheritance. This was very important since, until now, Dolores had not been able to exercise her rights as heir.

After learning of the ruling, as explained by Dolores in dialogue with Page 12, “The diligence was carried out to perfection. I took an appointment, they gave me an hour, they appointed a justice officer and a locksmith. On Saturday we entered the property, it was found that the house was empty, the judge entered to do the inspection ocular, I even showed her personal effects from when I was a girl that were there, they read me the certificate of possession, I signed and they told me: ‘at this moment I am giving you possession of the house’ “. Until then everything seemed to advance subject to law. But suddenly, Dolores’s brothers, whom she calls “the corrupt Etchevehere,” brutally entered the house, insulting and yelling. “They entered through the window into the house that the justice officer had given me possession a few minutes ago. I was with my minor daughter who heard how they told me about everything. The police, once again, and I understand that by the orders of Governor Gustavo Bordet, he said nothing, “he explained. “Who governs the province of Entre Ríos today?” Dolores wondered and added: “Governor Bordet is preventing the judicial decisions from being carried out, why did they arrest me at Casa Nueva for trying to resist and not my brothers?” .

According to Dolores told this newspaper, after the violent irruption of her brothers, and in a completely informal way, the judge decided to sit in the living room of the building and call the lawyers of the parties “to talk.” In other words, Furman decided to set up a kind of “mediation” that lasted about four hours to “try to reach an agreement.” “How can it be that it feels to seek an agreement in that informal way if a ruling has already been rendered?” Dolores wondered.

Although at no time did she enter the room where they were debating the ruling already made, she could see how her mother and her brothers were constantly getting into the room to insult and shout: “Leonor Barbero entered the living room, said everything to the shouts; another of my brothers came in and insulted, came out and they began to discuss legal matters “. Night fell and Dolores tired, violated, and together with her daughter, she waited outside the house. Meanwhile, I could see how the police officers were leaving little by little until there were three. “At one point the judge came out, nor did he say hello, he spoke with the remaining police officers and only one was left. Furman got into the car and said: ‘I’m going to court to write something,'” he said. A while later, and the same day that the sentence had become effective, Furman revoked it. “I was left there, at ten o’clock at night, completely violated and without having anywhere to go,” said Dolores indignantly.

The constitutional lawyer Eduardo Barcesat explained in dialogue with Page 12 that annulling a sentence without issuing a revocation is “absolutely void.” “There has to be an interest of an affected person so that he can raise a revocation,” he added. In what happened with the Etchevehere on Saturday evening, there was no formal presentation. For Barcesat, Judge Furman, “without a formal presentation he could not have done that.” “It could be that the brothers had made a presentation and based on that dictate a revocation of their own resolution. But not that, on their own initiative, by a conversation, they revoke it, because that lacks a conflict of interest of otherness,” he said. According to the lawyer, this is not a process that can take place in one day: “there would have to be a revocation, transfer it and only then resolve it. As it is, it is null,” he said.

“First they denied me land, and this Saturday they denied me and my children housing. That is what they did for eleven years without the events becoming public. Between what happened in Casa Nueva and what happened on Saturday, everything was left to the view “, highlighted Dolores. “That they give me a portion of land to produce together with the Artigas Project is the least that must happen. There is a judicial process that must occur, but in the meantime I have to be on an equal footing because otherwise they manage to break me,” he said.

“The Judicial Power of Entre Ríos does not fulfill its function and neither with what it dictates. The Executive Power, in this case Bordet, prevents the judicial resolutions from being carried out. They put 150 troops in the middle of the field at Casa New and when I wanted to resist a court order they took me to jail. This Saturday in Paraná there were seven policemen who left until there was only one and my brothers, who entered through the window and insulted a judge in the face, not only did no one arrest them Instead, they sat down to negotiate with the judge to annul the sentence, “denounced Dolores.

Another question that constantly resounds in her thoughts is: “Who governs the province of Entre Ríos today?” “No power is respected and the corrupt Etchevehere were not chosen by the people of Entre Ríos. It seems that in this province everything is fixed with a telephone. It is extremely serious and there must be a higher authority that intervenes because here there are no guarantees of anything” , he stressed.

According to Juan Grabois, one of Dolores’s lawyers, “the Etchevehere are not for nothing. Whoever governs, they rule. Governors, owners of newspapers, owners of the land, cows, ports. Godfathers of justice. Who could. All the artillery arrives. The mother, the children, some adlater in a suit. Shouting, as always. ‘Whore’, ‘vaga’, all in front of their daughter. They are bosses, the rich do not ask permission and they They are rich, filthy rich. They know their power. They are unpunished. “

The original sin

“What have my brothers lived on since my father’s death? From his inheritance, from companies, from property income, from the sale of the farm, from black withdrawals from the SA, from the black sale of thousands of head of cattle. Why am I the only one who have I seen in financial complications since day one? Easy answer: because they excluded me from all kinds of administration and contact with inheritance assets ”, Dolores detailed in the judicial brief that she presented to the judge, who, prior to the squeeze of her brothers, had decided to grant her the house in Paraná.

“There is an original sin here. My brothers and my mother forged my signature to be able to fraudulently manage the inheritance,” he denounced in conversation with Page 12 Pains “The corrupt Etchevehere, when my father died, asked the judge that the administrator be Leonor Barbero, my mother. That document was signed by Luis Miguel, Sebastián, Juan Diego Etchehvehere, Leonor and a forged signature of mine also appears,” he said. “That was the first thing I reported eleven years ago. It is in the file, along with my forged signature. It was the beginning, they took over the de facto administration of the estate. When I found out, I made the complaint, but it was as if nothing. assets these eleven years and I was completely excluded. “

“The people one day is going to get tired. They are going to get tired of so much injustice, so much inequality, the complicity and cowardice of politics with so much looting, with so many Lewis, with so many Etchevehere,” Grabois stressed. Then he added that “he is going to get tired of not being able to have a land of 200 square meters while the land stretches like the ocean in this country, he is going to get tired of not being able to eat bread or meat in the country of cows and wheat. That four living people send out the wealth generated by the work of the whole of society, that companies go bankrupt and discard the workers, that they set fire to the pastures, clear the native forest, fumigate the towns. “

Dolores affirmed that the Artigas Project remains firm and that “with only two months the project has tremendous lungs.” “We will continue, not only for me, but for all women and for all those who fight.”

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