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They control a riot in the Guayaquil Penitentiary

The Minister of Government, Gabriel Martínez, confirmed that the situation in the Guayaquil Penitentiary was controlled, where incidents were perpetrated among inmates after the murder of lawyer Harrison Salcedo in Quito.

Minister Martínez shared images of the inmates and assured that with the work coordinated between the Police and the National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI) the incidents were controlled.

“We are not going to allow the violent acts of February in prisons to be repeated.”

The clashes between those deprived of liberty at the Penitentiary left four dead, 12 injured and 37 people held for investigations, Martínez said.

The murder of Salcedo could have generated the shooting

“Mr. Harrison Salcedo was a lawyer for the ‘Los Choneros’ group; obviously many of these members are incarcerated in the country’s prisons. This could have generated a commotion and alert in the Guayaquil Penitentiary “

Gabriel Martínez, Minister of Government.

It was what Martínez in a statement to the media to refer to the murder of lawyer Harrison Salcedo and the shooting and violent incidents recorded in the aforementioned prison.

Regarding the murder of Salcedo, who defended former President Jorge Glas, alias ‘Rasquiña’ (leader of Los Choneros) and Assemblyman Eliseo Azuero, the Minister assured that the causes of the crime are being investigated.

This crime has been mentioned by the authorities as one of the possible triggers of the massacre that took place in February in four prisons in which 79 inmates died in a chain of reckoning.

As a consequence of the injuries, the victim’s vehicle, a black truck, crashed into a commercial establishment 50 meters from the Judicial Transit Unit.

The authorities are investigating the causes of the crime and are on the trail of the hitmen.

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