they charged the victim’s partner

A man is apprehended for the femicide of a woman that occurred this morning in a house in Mayor Buratovich.

The incident was discovered by the police around 7 o’clock, when a neighbor warned about the presence of an injured person in René Favaloro street, between 30 and 31.

The police arrived at the scene and found Juan Martínez, who had cutting wounds on his body, for which he was transferred to the medical ward and later to the Penna Hospital in our city, where he remains in custody.

Together with a witness, the uniformed men entered the building and found Yésica Paredes (22) on a bed, who was lifeless and with several stab wounds to her body.

There were also minors in the house, who were sleeping and were sheltered by local service personnel from the Villarino commune.

Official sources indicated that there was a history of violent episodes in the couple and that Martínez was made available to the prosecution by Dr. Jorge Viego.

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