They carry out a blockade in Cefereso to avoid more transfers

The Juarez Journal

Sunday, December 27, 2020 | 15:54

Juarez City.- Around 100 people, relatives of inmates of Cefereso number 9 who are kept outside the building, prevented the entry of four passenger buses that were trying to enter the complex.

The people who have been in the place since this morning stood at the entrance door to prevent the units from entering the prison for almost half an hour. A group of riot police also showed up without the groups exchanging contact with each other.

The group demanded information in relation to the transfer of relatives who remained inmates in the prison and who were transferred in an operation since this morning.

The area was evicted, after talking with prison authorities. At the moment a group of police remains at the entrance of the place.

According to some people, prison officials gave them a list of the inmates who had been transferred, “some to Michoacán to prisons 18, 17 and 12, that is all they told us,” said a woman who has an inmate relative in the prison.

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