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They capture an alleged Guatemalan narco accused by the United States

San Marcos, Guatemala

A supposed drug dealer Guatemalan man sought extradition by the United States justice was detained this Wednesday by the security forces of the Central American country.

Is about José Juan Súñiga Rodríguez, who is requested by a Texas District court, for the crime of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute five or more kilos of cocaine with the intention of transferring it illegally to the United States, according to the Guatemalan Public Ministry (MP) .

The authorities detailed that, according to the initial investigations, the Guatemalan The detainee is part of an international organization that traffics drugs to the United States.

Súñiga was captured in the municipality of Ayutla, in the southwestern department of San Marcos, bordering Mexico and located about 300 kilometers west of Guatemala City.

American justice considers Súñiga as one of those responsible for transporting, directing and managing a part of the activities of the drug trafficking group to which he belongs.

According to the MP, the detainee is the brother of Erick Súñiga, who on December 19, 2019 turned himself in to the Drug Control Administration (DEA) when he was still mayor of the municipality of Tecún Umán ( San Marcos), under drug trafficking charges.

Juan Súñiga He was one of the financial, technological and service support facilitators of the organization led by his brother (who died in 2020), allegedly collaborating for the Sinaloa cartel, authorities said.

So far this year, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, 15 people have been arrested in Guatemala, claimed by the United States for alleged links with drug trafficking.

Most of the detainees have successful processes in the courts of the District of Texas and South Florida, among others.

One of the last detainees in the Central American country is the alleged drug dealer Roberto Osorio Pineda, captured on March 20, in the municipality of Los Amates, in the Caribbean department of Izabal.

According to the Public Ministry, Osorio, known as “Black”, is claiming by a Texas District court for conspiracy to manufacture and distribute five or more kilos of cocaine in the United States.

Due to its geographical position, Guatemala is used as a bridge by international cartels to traffic drugs from South America to the United States. EFE

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