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They capture a Honduran requested in extradition by the United States

Lempira, Honduras.

The National Police reported this Saturday the capture of Martín Adolfo Díaz Contreras (30), originally from Gracias, Lempira, who is requested in extradition by the United States.

The capture was coordinated by the National Anti-Drug Police Directorate (Dnpa) and the National Directorate of Border Police Services. This apprehension stems from actions carried out against organized crime and common crime.

The Police reported that in the next few he will be presented to the competent authorities to continue his legal process and thus be transferred to the country that requests him in extradition.

The Judicial Branch announced that a designated natural judge will hold the first extradition hearing tomorrow Sunday where Martín Adolfo Díaz Contreras, apprehended in the west of the country, will have to appear responsible for participating in drug trafficking.

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The extradition process from Honduras began with Carlos Arnaldo “El Negro” Lobo in May 2014. The last to consolidate was in February 2021, when authorities extradited the Honduran José del Tránsito García to the United States, claimed by the American justice for drug trafficking.

Given. A constitutional reform approved in 2012 enabled the extradition of Hondurans at the request of other countries.

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