The meeting between San Lorenzo and Rosario Central of the Professional League Cup, where the locals won 2-0, had a match finale that ended in a pitched war where the blows flew everywhere.

The game heated up with complaints to the referee by the players of Rosario Central. However, the brawl broke out in the discount of the engagement.

The spark that detonated the bomb was the foul that Ángel Romero received, which unleashed a kick from Gastón Ávila to Alexis Sabella.

When the engagement was resumed, the referee expelled Vecchio and Lautaro Blanco, leaving Rosario Central with 9 footballers. In the last minutes of the match, San Lorenzo was able to score the second goal to seal the final victory.

Here is the video with the embarrassing brawl between San Lorenzo and Rosario Central:

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