They break into a house and shoot a man

The Juarez Journal

Monday, December 28, 2020 | 21:03

Juarez City- A man was injured tonight when he was attacked with bullets inside a house located on Desierto Florido Street and Zaragoza Bulevar in the Parajes de Oriente subdivision, reported agents who came to protect the scene.

The responding police officers interviewed neighbors who informed them that the person who was injured in the attack was put into a private vehicle to be taken to receive medical attention at a hospital. To the place, rescuers from the Red Cross came.

The residents of the sector informed the agents that they heard several detonations and a man was injured inside a home.

The uniformed men placed the yellow and red ribbons so that experts and elements of the State Attorney General’s Office could collect the ballistic evidence and initiate investigations.

Until tonight, the police did not report the arrest of him or those responsible.

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