They asked to raid the police station where Carolina Píparo and her husband went after the crash

At dawn on New Years in the city of At payment, the provincial deputy of Together for Change Carolina Píparo and her husband, Juan Ignacio Buzali, arrived at the Police Station on 53rd streets between 9 and 10, after having run over two motorcyclists with his car which they mistook for the motochorros who had previously assaulted the deputy at 2 am in the house of her in-laws.

The testimonies feed the suspicion of the defense, which points out that the couple was drunk in the early hours of January 1, when they would have chased and run over Luis Levalle (21) e Ivan Coronel (17), and they escaped without providing assistance. However, the Buenos Aires legislator must declare today, Wednesday, January 6, before the prosecutor and relate what happened.

Martin de VargasLevalle’s lawyer, on Tuesday asked the Justice to raid the police station where the marriage went “so that genetic traces are preserved.” The lawyer explained that after hitting the motorcycle on which the young people were traveling, Píparo and her husband went to the 1st Police Station. of the Buenos Aires capital where “The police officers saw them vomiting and smelling strongly of alcohol.”

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In turn, De Vargas insisted that “every day the hypothesis that it was attempted homicide“, and insisted that the legislator and her husband confused Levalle and the teenager who accompanied him on the motorcycle” with jets and attacked them for that. “

He also noted that “the presence of the Secretary of Security of the Municipality, Darius Ganduglia, it was to cover up the crimes committed by Buzali, “adding that Píparo and her husband”wanted to form in public opinion something that was not“On the other hand, he questioned that the defense attorney for the marriage, Fernando Mocking, minimize the fact because they are minor injuries and considered that “there must be justice for the poor”.

Píparo, who in addition to being a deputy is secretary of Victim Assistance and Gender Policies of the Municipality of La Plata, described the episode as an “accident”, although He avoided explaining why they didn’t stop providing assistance. “My assistant had nothing to do with the incident. The boys were intentionally rammed. Buzali accelerated behind them to ram them. It is an attempted murder,” said De Vargas.

Likewise, the defense attorney stated that they challenged the magistrate Marcela Garmendia for being the mother of a member of the municipal cabinet and maintained that “This is a fight between unequal parties: humble people on the one hand and, on the other, the best lawyer, a part with political contacts and judges with relatives in the same party “.

In rejecting the claim against him, Garmendia argued that his son is not linked to the cause and that “supposing that the mere fact of sharing functions in the same management generates, for that reason alone, an interest in the future of a certain process, without deepening or justifying what the relationship or the concrete action would be, fails to demonstrate this assumption interest that supports the challenge hypothesis “.

Although the lawyers of the young men attacked requested the arrest of Buzali on the grounds that he tried to commit a double homicide, the decision is now in the hands of Judge Garmendia.

Meanwhile, the La Plata prosecutor Maria Eugenia Lorenzo continues to take testimonial statements and analyze security camera images to determine if the legislator’s husband should be charged in the case.

Chronology of the events

The case occurred on Friday, January 1, around 2 a.m., when at least six motorcycle jets attacked Píparo at the door of his father-in-law’s house. His wallet was stolen with 20 thousand pesos and an iPhone brand phone, which in the last hours appeared in Berisso.

An hour later, the Fiat 500 L that her husband was driving and in which the legislator was traveling as a companion, rammed a Honda XR250 motorcycle on the streets between 37 and 38 on 21st streets in which Levalle and Coronel were riding. According to Píparo’s version, “five motorcycles” blocked their way, they collided “with one” and supposedly three “began to chase” them.

The two young men who were run over by the couple they were not criminalsInstead, they were with a group of friends visiting the traditional doll burning. Both young people have no criminal records and also had the motorcycle papers in order.

According to witnesses, the deputy and her husband they dragged the motorcycle several meters (some speak of between 400 and 300) and they did not stop to assist the wounded. They clarified that did not stop for fear of being mugged again. Later, the Píparo family’s car stopped several blocks after the accident, in Plaza Moreno, where the municipal security secretary, Darío Ganduglia, was waiting for them.

There, a woman who also witnessed the incident filmed them and made the video viral on the networks. In the video you can see the blow that Buzali was driving, but strangely the inspectors did not carry out a breathalyzer test.

Video | What the security cameras show about the Piparo case

In the comisary

“We request that the police station be raided so that the genetic traces are preserved,” declared Levalle’s lawyer, who stated that “Buzali had blood drawn and the expertise is ordered for January 8 “.

As detailed by the police station, the couple vomited in the bathroom and both had “the smell of alcohol”. In addition, they specified that they even had to clean the bathroom of the police headquarters when the couple left to put it back in condition.

However, from Píparo’s surroundings they deny the possibility that she was drunk. As they told, the legislator he does not drink since he does not like alcohol. “It is not true either that her husband has broken down. Just at 6 in the morning, Carolina’s pressure drops because of everything that happened and he broke down at the police headquarters,” they concluded.


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