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They ask for help in spectacular to find Billy Álvarez

As published on Saturday, January 2 in The Universal Sports, the leadership of the Cooperative confirmed that by means of billboards posted at various points in Mexico City titled “Fugitives from Justice Wanted”, the help of citizens is requested to locate former directors of La Cruz Azul accused of looting the patrimony of the partners.

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The protagonists are:

Guillermo ‘Billy’ Álvarez Cuevas, former General Director of the Cooperative and President of the Cruz Azul Soccer Club, who has two arrest warrants for Money Laundering and Organized Crime and for Fraudulent Administration, among other accusations. He is wanted by the Attorney General’s Office and by Interpol in 194 countries, although it is not ruled out that he has not yet left the country. The Financial Intelligence Unit, which investigates other crimes committed by Álvarez Cuevas.

Victor Garcés, former Legal Director of the Cooperative and Vice President of the Sports Club, involved in the same crimes as ‘Billy’ and others that are being investigated.

Federico Sarabia Pozo, who has at least two arrest warrants, for theft of more than 10 thousand tons of cement from the Hidalgo and Oaxaca plants and for Procedural Fraud, when trying to deceive a judge by showing off as a member of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Without being it, besides being the “operator” of ‘Billy’ Álvarez in shady deals within La Cruz Azul.

The first spectacular was observed on Periférico Sur, heading north, near Plaza Santa Teresa, but it is expected that more will be placed in the coming days in other parts of the CDMX.

In addition to the photographs of the fugitives from Justice, they contain the legend “Information is appreciated for their capture, call 800-999-2958”.

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