They ask for help in networks to locate fishermen- Uno TV

Five days have passed since the last time there was communication with the missing fishermen. Photo: Facebook

Three fishermen disappeared after embarking to sail in the area where the habitat of the vaquita marina is located in Baja California. Given their lack of communication and evidence, the men’s relatives have turned to social networks to try to find them.

The missing fishermen respond to the names of Ricardo Varela Verdugo, alias “El Callo”; Jesús Alonso García, “Chuy Macana” and José Antonio Murillo, “El Pato”. All of them over 45 years old.

“Fishermen who tomorrow will go out to tide in favor of helping to look for three lost people since Sunday, they said they were going back from the island, until now nothing is known they are: Ricardo Varela verdugo (the callus) of 46 years old Jesús Alonso Garcia (chuy Macana) 45 years old José Antonio Murillo (el pato) 47 years old HELP and SHARE please !!! “

This is the message shared by Araceli Soto, an alleged relative of the fishermen.

According to the data shared by relatives of the fishermen, the last contact they had with them was last Sunday, December 27, 2020, when they called their “boss” to let him know that they had run out of fuel in the middle of a large bank of fog.

During communication with their employer, the men indicated that they were disoriented and could not give their location.

So far, no information has been found that could be used to find the missing fishermen and according to comments from relatives, until this January 1, there is still no support from the authorities to find their whereabouts.

“We only ask God to return home safely, God is very great and we have all the faith that it will be 3 lives at risk, please help !!!”

It is the latest message about the missing fishermen.

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