They ask Bartlett to explain use of false data by mega-blackout

Martha Martinez
Reform Agency

Sunday, 03 January 2021 | 17:50

Mexico City- The PAN parliamentary group in the Senate reported that it will request the appearance of the director general of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Manuel Bartlett, to report why he used false documents to explain the causes of the mega-blackout that affected more than 10 million of users.

Members of this fraction recalled that on December 29, a day after the incident, the official presented a document in a conference explaining that the cause of the incident was a fire that occurred in grasslands in the Municipality of Padilla, Tamaulipas.

However, the existence of the document was denied by the local Civil Protection Coordination, which stated that it does not know its origin.

They recalled that the alleged signature of the director of Coordination with Municipalities contained in the document is false and the folio number does not match the institutional series.

They added that the format and arrangement of the logos incorporated in the document are different from those used by the State Coordination of Civil Protection.

In addition, they added, the office does not have dispatch stamps and the description of the facts is a lie, since Civil Protection had no participation in the aforementioned grassland fire and the logs do not show any calls from CFE on the 911 emergency number.

Given this, the PAN in the Senate warned that Bartlett must explain why the institution under his charge makes use of apocryphal documents.

“The evidence is clear regarding the dishonesty and illegality with which the CFE is conducted. The Government of Tamaulipas has verified that it never issued the communication disseminated at said press conference,” he reiterated.

The senators of Acción Nacional demanded that Morena not obstruct the appearance of the head of the CFE, so that the upper house knows first-hand the truth behind the mega blackout.

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