They arrested the rugby twins accused of the brutal beating of a young man in Claromecó

The Cozzi brothers after being arrested by the Buenos Aires Police.
The Cozzi brothers after being arrested by the Buenos Aires Police.

Today in the morning, The Buenos Aires Police executed the order of the UFI No. 13 of Tres Arroyos in charge of the prosecutor Natalia Ramos and arrested the twin brothers Lucio and Felipe Cozzi, accused of the fierce beating of Felipe Di Francesco at a clandestine party that took place last week in Claromecó. The capture was carried out at the Tres Arroyos home of the brothers on Pringles Street. with personnel from the Bahía Blanca DDI more effective from the local sub DDI: they did not put up any resistance.

Thus, they were transferred to a dungeon awaiting their investigation. The rating against you is serious injury.

The attack occurred last Sunday at two thousand meters from the lighthouse in the seaside resort of Claromecó, at a clandestine party on the beach attended by about 500 people. Felipe and his older brother Ramiro (26) collected glass bottles and cans, trying to clean the place, when a group of six or seven people, including the twin brothers Lucio and Ignacio Cozzi, began to provoke them.

“They started to throw garbage on the fire. My brother, who is an environmentalist, Instead of throwing them into the fire, he asked them to give us a hand. There, Lucio, began to bully and insult my brother, ”Felipe reviewed in television statements. According to the young man, after that altercation, the Cozzi, originally from La Plata, residing in Tres Arroyos, they intercepted him as he got into his truck and beat him.

“They grabbed me alone, from behind. I don’t know if it was an ambush or they were waiting for me. I was unconscious and they kept hitting me on the floor “said the 23-year-old law student.

Felipe, the victim.
Felipe, the victim.

After the beating Felipe was transferred to a medical center in Claromecó and later to the Hispano clinic. As a result of the blows, the young man suffered a double septum fracture, four broken teeth, a cut to his face, and trauma to his left eye that could compromise his sight.

The Cozzi twins are 31 years old. As this media learned, both are registered in the AFIP accounting headings and were employees of ARBA, from 2012 until, at least, March 2020. As rugby players, they started at Club Cazadores Tres Arroyos and later played at La Plata Rugby Club. After knowing the news, the sports institution published a brief statement and was against the violence wielded by the Cozzi.

“Regarding what happened in Tres Arroyos in the media, La Plata Rugby Club repudiates any act of violence. Its Board of Directors is waiting for what the competent authorities decide ”, they pointed out.

“Come on, now gather all the garbage you. I want you to bring the truck and gather all the garbage, or else we will screw you up “, would have been the threatening phrase of the aggressors prior to the attack, according to the police report.

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