They arrested the rugby twins accused of disfiguring a young man after a party in Claromecó

The Buenos Aires Police arrested this Thursday in the Buenos Aires city of Tres Arroyos Lucio and Felipe Rossi, the rugby players who brutally beat a young man Law student after a clandestine party in Claromecó.

The 31-year-old twins were arrested in the morning at their home on Pringles Street after prosecutor Natalia Ramos, from UFI No. 13, changed the cover of the case to “serious injuries.”

According to reports from the Bahía Blanca DDI personnel and other members of the local sub-DDI, the brothers did not resist. They were transferred to a cell and will be investigated in the next few hours.

The change in the legal qualification in the case against the Cozzi, which until three years ago they played for La Plata Rugby Club and are employees of Arba It occurred after the prosecutor Torres was notified that Felipe di Francesco (23), the victim, had suffered a nasal septum fracture due to the blows.

The dental and ophthalmological reports that were made to Di Francesco still remain to be known, who reported after the attack that he had “the teeth caught by a frontal kick, the left eye with a large bruise and a significant loss of sight.”

Attack from behind

Everything happened during the early morning of Sunday, December 27, when Felipe, along with one of his brothers and a cousin, began to clean the dunes after a clandestine party that took place on the beach, about 3,000 meters from the Claromecó lighthouse, in the direction of to the Orense spa.

Felipe said that, while cleaning, they saw that “a group of 6 to 7 people, between 30 and 33 years old, they started throwing glass bottles and cans into the fire”.

“My brother asked them to stop polluting and if they could give us a hand. It was there when one of them began to prey and offend my brother ”, was Felipe’s story. And he continued: “A discussion arose that did not happen anymore.”

However, 20 minutes after that interdict, and when Felipe was walking towards his car to leave the place, he was attacked. “They hook me just by leaving the party, from behind. He was defenseless and there were two of them, they are twins “, the law student denounced what happened and considered that they acted in a” cowardly “manner.

Di Francesco recalled that after receiving the first blow he was knocked unconscious, but they kept hitting him. “I have a fissured nasal septum in two parts, teeth caught by a frontal kick, my left eye with a large bruise and a significant loss of sight,” he listed the injuries he suffered.

Felipe was first treated at the Claromecó Hospital and, later, referred to the Hispanic clinic, where he was recovering from serious injuries.


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