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They arrested a nurse from the Children’s Hospital of La Plata for distributing images of child sexual abuse

The operation was carried out on Saturday in a house located on José L. Suárez street, in Chivilcoy, where the defendant, a nurse by profession and domiciled in Berisso, was hidden in the home of a relative.

The investigation began with a complaint filed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the Judicial Research Center (CIJ) based in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in which it refers that an internet user “By using his cell phone he would have created or uploaded images of obscene minors”, as indicated by official spokesmen to Telam.

After the investigation, it was established that the defendant, who works as nurse in the pediatric area of the Hospital de Niños Sor María Ludovica de La Plata, under the identity of user “René Williams” and through the use of his cell phone or technological equipment, he would have uploaded obscene videos and / or images of minors.

Within this framework, two search warrants were issued for two homes, both in the town of Berisso, where a desktop computer, a tablet and a camera were seized to be subjected to the corresponding examinations.

Likewise, it was learned that the suspect was not in the city, but in the home of a relative, for which a joint operation was ordered between agents of the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of La Plata and the Sub Directorate Chivilcoy Department of Investigations (DDI), who finally obtained the apprehension of the accused in this locality.

During his detention, the police officers seized a cell phone with which they “distributed obscene images of minors.”

It was also reported that during the procedure the defendant tried to “discard” another cell phone in the trash, which was also kidnapped and will be appraised.

The prosecutor intervenes in the case Maria Cecilia Corfierld, holder of UFI 15 of the Judicial Department of La Plata

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