They arrest two who beat a pitbull with a tube

The Juarez Journal

Thursday, December 31, 2020 | 15:36

Juarez City.- Two men were arrested after they hit a dog with a metal tube until he was injured, the Municipal Public Safety Secretariat reported in a press release.

The intervention occurred after municipal elements answered a call received to the emergency number 911, where they reported a fight at the intersection of Tepetongo and Flamingo streets, in the Pánfilo Natera neighborhood, upon arrival they interviewed the complainant who stated that her Neighbors were beating their Pitbull pet with a metal tube, causing a lacerating wound to the neck of approximately two inches, this after their dog left their home by accident and attacked their neighbor’s pet. .

José Eduardo AR, 28 years old, and Alan Ulises BP, 20 years old, were brought before the corresponding authority for their alleged responsibility in the crime of animal abuse.

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