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They arrest four subjects who looted an Elektra in Texcoco, Edomex

Texcoco, Mex.- With marros, four subjects smashed showcases of an Elektra and with a gun that turned out to be a replica, they threatened store employees where they got 36 cell phones, however municipal police managed to arrest them, local authorities reported.

At the Command Center (C 2), last night the call for help was received by the raid on Elektra store, located on Avenida Juárez Sur number 365, in the Niños Héroes neighborhood, reported Vicente Govea Charles, head of Public Safety and Mobility.

The call alerted the entry of four subjects, “who with a firearm they threatened the employees of the store and with marros they began to break the glass from the showcases to remove a total of 36 cell phone sets of different brands and models, ”reported Vicente Govea.

The municipal police activated an operation, managing to secure four men in Olivo Street, who were on the run in a green Cavalier-type car.

The detainees were identified as 19-year-old Mauricio residing in the Picos de Iztacalco neighborhood in the mayor’s office of the same name in Mexico City; Francisco, 26, who said he lives in the Doctores neighborhood in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office; Axcel, 20, from the Totolco neighborhood, municipality of Chimalhuacán, and Ángel, 23, with an address at the Jardines de Tecma neighborhood in Iztacalco.

In the car, the municipal police reported that they found the mallets with which they broke the windows of the windows, as well as a replica of a firearm and a bag with 36 cell phones.

The four subjects, the bag with the cell phones, the replica of the firearm, the mallets and the car, fThey were brought before the Public Ministry of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Texcoco, where the MP will determine the legal situation of the men.

Vicente Govea pointed out that “the coordinated work from the command center, with the monitoring of the surveillance cameras, allowed the immediate seizure within 500 meters of the place of the assault, detaining the four alleged criminals and recovering the loot.”

Even with the activation of the red epidemiological traffic light, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, “the municipal police have not lowered their guard, maintaining the vigilance and security of Texcocans, which allowed this criminal group to be arrested in immediate action” Govea Charles noted.

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