They are ‘Las del 69’, women from Tepito protected by ‘El Lunares’


On November 27, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) and the Attorney General’s Office of the City (FGJCDMX) searched some of the homes of these women within their neighborhood on Jesús Carranza street. They seized a granda, a 40 caliber long gun, cocaine and marijuana, they only managed to arrest one of them. Most escaped and remain at large.

In the Tepito neighborhood everyone knows them as “Las del 69”, they are women members of the Trejo Arteaga family who are dedicated to trafficking marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, drop-by-drop loans, the distribution of counterfeit bills, extortion.

They are devoted to Santeria, they operate under the shelter of Oscar Andrés Flores, El Lunares de La Unión. They are the ones who completely control the neighborhood number 69 of Jesús Carranza street, hence their nickname.

In the November operation, the police arrested Mariana A, who is currently incarcerated in the Santa Martha Acatitla women’s prison.

A day later, there they captured Lized Yuridia J, “La Chofis”, considered one of the main operators of El Lunares.

Information obtained by the reporter Carlos Jiménez reveals that, for years, these women have been building their houses there, with money from their illicit businesses.

Who runs them is identified as Paola T. She was kidnapped some years ago. A group of subjects took her away and released her two days later after paying a ransom.

Her mother is Rosaura B, her sister is Selene T.

Information from the authorities reveals that El Lunares provides them protection with their people, and is the one who provides them with the drugs they distribute. Despite being in prison, he continues to be in contact with them.

In fact, on October 27, when Raúl J, La Chofis’ youngest son, was assassinated, they were the ones who paid for his funeral, brought him flower arrangements and hired band music.

Until now, “Las del 69” kept a low profile, despite the fact that, in the Tepito neighborhood, everyone knows them.

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