“They are going to put Cristina in jail because nothing has been prevented them”

The head of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, renewed her harsh criticism against President Alberto Fernández on Thursday, after the court ruling that ordered former Vice President Amado Boudou to serve his sentence again for the Ciccone case in the prison of Ezeiza, and demanded that he advance with a more “profound” reform of the Judicial Power because, if not, “they will imprison Cristina” Kirchner.

All the joy I had for the abortion law and for the vaccines went to waste because I started to think how many laws are violated all the time in this country, “he said.

Bonafini insisted with his claim that “there are no more political prisoners in the country” and warned that there is the “possibility that Cristina will be imprisoned.” “If they have to put her in prison in these conditions, they will put her in, because so far nothing has been prevented“, he warned.

“I don’t know what will happen if Cristina is imprisoned. People are going to go out into the street. But we must not rule it out. We are not going to let Amado go back to the street, we must help him in some way, You cannot with the law. The law is theirs, the people are tied hand and foot, “he added.

Bonafini opined that “the Government cannot continue to function like this and the President, the President, has to look at what we say a little and listen to us.”

“Do not be dazed by the applause of abortion, the vaccine and the houses that are going to be built. No, Mr. President, so much applause is not good because there are also very serious and very bad things, there can be no political prisoners in our country or political prisoners why so we are letting one day they also take it to Cristina. And what are we going to do, are we going to do like now? “He claimed.

In this regard, he demanded that the Government move forward with a “deep” reform of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Judiciary because, he said, “the Judiciary is a cancer and the Supreme Court is the biggest cancer that occupies the entire body of the nation, for which there is neither antidote nor therapy, nor anything that burns it. “

Followed, he added: “Like when there is cancer, you have to nip it in the bud and start over and burn the place for the tumor and cancer to go away, which is the judiciary and the judges, some corrupt and other crap, some mediocre and others who do not care about anything. Judges and prosecutors. There are not enough fingers to talk about honest judges. “

The head of Mothers therefore asked the Head of State to “take the reins” to advance with these changes and assured him that “all the people will go out to the streets” to support him.

“There can be no political prisoners in this country, Mr. President. And it is not that complicated, you have to have strength, will, desire and courage. It is a very difficult country to govern, it is not so easy, “he insisted.

Bonafini took the opportunity to send a direct message to Alberto Fernández and told him that “Laws work when there is a government that has the force to enforce them”. “Now, when we have governments that do not leave, do not apply the laws and conform, and steal and conform, and Macri we cannot put him in prison and he conforms, well then we are not doing very well,” he differentiated.

Mr. President, stand up a little bit, just one day, and think about what you are doing or not doing so that political prisoners are released.. I cannot believe that with the illusions that we vote, that we have political prisoners; that you do not listen to us, that you listen to those above, “he added.

Bonafini acknowledged that his renewed criticism may not be well received at Casa Rosada, but said it is part of a growing malaise that intensified after the court ruling that ordered Boudou to lose the benefit of home detention.

I know you will not like all this I say. But since it’s the end of the year and I’m choking, especially with Amado, someone has to say it. It is a real shame what is happening. It is not enough for me to have an abortion law, it has to be enough for me to know that there will be no judges to interrupt it or a Supreme Court that is valid so that abortion is not done, “he redoubled.

In this regard, Bonafini said that the judicial reform promoted by the Alberto Fernández administration is not enough to reverse this situation. “Patches are useless here Mr. President, an arrangement in the Supreme Court and in the Judiciary is useless, “he warned.

Taking stock of the outgoing year, Bonafini celebrated the approval of abortion, the official steps to access the coronavirus vaccine and other government measures. However, he expressed his discomfort at the change in the pension formula, with which pensions will now be updated without considering inflation: “I don’t like that of retirees, we are going to leave that because it is not so serious” .

But Bonafini focused his words on the demand for Alberto Fernández to take charge of a “profound” reform of the Judiciary. “I, Mr. President, do not wish you a happy new year, I wish you to sit down and think about how many people, thousands in this country, are suffering from the lack of Justice, from the lack of freedom, because it is half freedom, because when you speak and say what you say, behind come the sticks. I am very sore, Mr. President. We need things to change this next year, but thoroughly, not to make an arrangement of Justice. A patch on a torn pants will not do. I wish you, Mr. President, that you can think for a long time, “he said.

Finally, he completed: “I’ma raise my glass and ask Pope Francis to enlighten it and make you think about this terrible injustice that in our beloved country there are political prisoners. For the freedom of the prisoners, that’s why I’m going to toast, because you think about them. ”

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