“They are giving vaccines for half”

The journalist Jorge Lanata, who at the time questioned the start of vaccination this year, came out to answer the criticism of Kircherism on social networks and not only ratified his statements, but also questioned the Government for giving “a vaccine for half”.

In his speech in the program Lanata sin Filter (radio Mitre), the driver – who is on vacation – also pointed out against the Anmat and the lack of information for the approval of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

We are giving a vaccine that is authorized by the Anmat only. It was not authorized by the FDA because Russia does not present it, nor was it authorized by the European Commission (EMA). And the countries where they have given it are Russia and Belarus, which has no choice but to obey and give it to them, “said Lanata, in a telephone communication.

Regarding the sayings by which the Kirchnerists point out (“it is a lie that the Government will begin to vaccinate this year”, he had remarked), Lanata redoubled the bet: “I still support what I said. Vaccines are given when they are authorized by the countries that make them. And Russia, still today, did not finish phase 3. “

Sputnik began to be applied only to health personnel.

Sputnik began to be applied only to health personnel.

In his defense, he added: “I was talking about giving a serious vaccine, it is not there. It’s funny that guys say this to try to turn something that is a total failure, like the quarantine administration, into a political success. ”

The journalist acknowledged that the vaccine would be given in the future and argued: “I always said that I would give myself the vaccine, that vaccines have no ideology, and I really believe it. But I’m talking about finished vaccines, not half vaccines. What the Government is giving now to health groups are half vaccines. Let’s not treat these vaccines as if they were whole, because they are not. “

“I said what I said because I am a journalist and I looked at the investigation in Russia. All I did was read the newspapers. I have no intention of fucking anyone,” said Lanata, who called the Kirchnerists “K-raduras”.

This Tuesday the Government began the vaccination campaign throughout the country, after the arrival of the first 300 thousand doses of Sputnik V. In principle, the vaccine is being destined only to health personnel.

At the moment, Russia did not present the technical reports to advance with those over 60, the highest risk group, which generated controversy. In fact, the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, acknowledged that “the President is nervous” due to the lack of such reports.


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