They alert in CDMX of fraud in the purchase and rental of oxygen tanks via internet

The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), through the Cyber ​​Police detected reports from users of social networks, who pointed out possible frauds in the purchase and rent of oxygen tanks by Internet.

Derived from constant monitoring on the web, and thanks to citizen complaints, the Cyber ​​Police detected that through apocryphal pages, market sites and sales groups on social networks, offers of oxygen equipment a low cost, which could be acquired with just a electronic paymentHowever, after the deposit, the seller no longer contacted the prospective buyer.

This led to an investigation and follow-up, which revealed that some pages use logos, colors and typography similar to recognized brands, to steal personal information from users. netizens interested in these products.

They warned that this type of fraud occurs through the forms that are requested to be filled with personal data and bank cards, so the SSC recommended that, before purchasing any product online, validate the legality of the pages and not make advance deposits to suspicious bank accounts.

Faced with the need and search to acquire oxygen tanks due to the virus pandemic Covid-19, many users do not verify the virtual sites where they intend to make purchases, and provide sensitive and personal data, which is used by cybercriminals.

The SSC has received several reports related to this type of fraud when trying to purchase oxygen tanks online, and identified that cybercriminals create pages or profiles similar to those of formal companies that offer the products, so it recommends verifying the URL of the web page, which has the letter “s” at the end of the http, or the security padlock.

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