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They abandoned a truck with more than 3,700 kilos of marijuana – News

The procedure was carried out this Saturday at dawn and was in charge of gendarmes from Squad number 10 of the force, which has a seat in El Dorado.

Given the presumption of an offense, in the first place, a raking was carried out in the area to try to find the driver of the truck, who finally could not be found, as reported by spokesmen for the National Gendarmerie.

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Later, with the collaboration of the narcotics detecting dog “Lara”, a review of the transport was carried out, during which the animal gave indications of being before narcotics.

The truck was taken to the squad headquarters, where the canvas was removed from the box and the presence of 115 rectangular packages with a strong smell of marijuana.

The narcotest test confirmed the presence of that drug, the weighing of which resulted in a total of 3.716 kilos.

Both the truck and the seized drug were made available to the Federal Court of El Dorado, while a series of inquiries were initiated to try to find those responsible for the shipment.

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