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These shoes are perfect to be combined with lingerie dresses

When in doubt of what shoes use with lingerie dressesYes, you should know that there are many ways to combine them to shine this garment that was a nineties icon and that returns every season for being minimalist, feminine and timeless. Already then, almost three decades ago, designers such as Versace, Narciso Rodríguez and Calvin Klein included them in their collections to set the precedents for a piece that would transcend all kinds of barriers.

The way in which we will wear slip dresses this spring and summer 2021, according to the most recent collections, is one where the midi creations and the minivestidos with transparencies and shoes that tend to comfort. Models such as flat sandals, with kitten heels or mules will be some of the favorites. However, there are endless options depending on the occasion for which you dress.

The sneakers, the star shoe that predominated in 2021, is a basic that can be seen perfectly with a slip dress. If you don’t believe it, you just need to remember the design with Nili Lotan’s flora print that she wore Jennifer Lawrence with some white Dior sneakers last summer. But there are also many other ways, we list some proposals below.

Braided sandals

A look totally inspired by the new comfort in one shade elegant and minimalist is that Üterque proposes with a dress black lingerie made of silk and with a side opening that provides a sensual that. Its ideal complement is found in some braided sandals leather made from natural materials. The crossing of the footwear makes them super comfortable to walk.

Heeled sandals

While still being comfortable, sandals with a kitten heels In addition to being part of the list of comfortable shoes in trend for 2021, it gives you a few extra centimeters to make you look taller and make your legs look more stylized. In hot season they are basic for the days you want to climb a few steps and achieve a somewhat more elegant style, something that you cannot achieve with flat sandals.

Combat boots

When you mix two pieces that are in opposition, such as the union of the roughness of some combat boots with the delicacy of a slip dress, you can achieve extremely interesting results when you want to get out of the ordinary. It is also a good alternative for women who live in the city and sometimes wear flip flops It is not the most like to be on the street. You can also take it with ankle boots or leather boots.

Flat mules

To create a look veraniego perfect to go for a drink or eat with friends you can bet on some flat mules. Like the silk dresses They usually go in solid colors, if you wish you can venture with this type of footwear and bet on bright colors or those models that have distinctive details. However, you can be sure that the ones that go in neutral colors will get you out of trouble and look on par with your favorite jeans.


Perhaps one of the associations that first comes to mind when we imagine a slip dress its one by stilettos. It may not be one that we are betting on at this time but it cannot be missing from the list because it is an infallible combination for the more formal events that detonates in an extremely dreamy ensemble.

This type of garment you can take it with practically everything, depending on how much comfort you want to print on the final result. In addition to what we listed above, you can also try some cowboy boots or ones that come down to your knees for something daring and elegant. Accessorize with jackets, belts and a pair of earrings.

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