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These are the worst shoes to wear with jeans

Although jeans seem to go well with almost every shirt we have in our closet, not all of our shoes are the best to wear with jeans. Just as ballet shoes are the ideal pair of a pair of skinny jeans (but they give terrible results with miniskirts, because they increase like one size in the exposed part of the legs), there are also shoes that look great with skirts, but with jeans they seem your worst enemy.

Now, each body type benefits from different silhouettes, this guide should shed light on which combinations draw a less flattering version that most could avoid. Of course, consider that there are always exceptions and none of these rules is absolute. Without further ado, we present you the worst shoes you could wear with jeans and the combination alternatives to consider.

Wear booties with baggy jeans or slouchy jeans

The slouchy jeans had their moment this summer, being particularly popular with street style stars. There were those who combined them with strappy sandals and mules, but come autumn we discovered that we will not have the same result if we combine these pants with boots or ankle boots.

This union usually results in the shorter appearance of the leg and an indecipherable silhouette, especially if the boot is military style or chunky. With these pants, the best results are obtained by revealing the ankles, showing the thinnest part of the leg, creating the illusion that the rest of the leg is not as wide as the pants appear to show. If you want to get your slouchy jeans for a walk in the cold season, we recommend boots with elongated toes, even if they are square, to give a more stylized look.

Tennis with flared jeans

Flared jeans, which rose to prominence during Woodstock 1969 on platforms and paired with crochet tops, should be kept well, off the ground, over heels, either in the form of boots or sandals. Low shoes such as ballerina shoes, flat sandals or sneakers better leave them for jean styles cropped, skinny O bootcutsSince traditional flared pants will cover the shoe and make the wearer look shorter than she really is.

Knee boots with skinny jeans

Yes, Hedi Slimane approved the look of skinny jeans with tall boots on her runway for Celine Fall / Winter 2019 2020. However, we must take into account that style visually trims the limbs and draws attention directly to the thighs, which consequently look wider and shorter than normal. If this is not the desired effect, let’s stay away from this look.

(If you’re feeling a bit lost, thinking about the difference between a bootcut and a skinny jean, we invite you to consult our dictionary of jean types.)

Ankle boots or ankle boots go with cropped jeans

This is another deadly combination if your looking to lengthen your legs. If you want to use cropped jeans With boots, make sure they are high enough so that they stay hidden under pants. The mission here is not to reveal skin, this would create small leg blocks that would visually cut it out.

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