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These are the three most frequent failures that make a car not pass the ITV

These are the three most frequent failures that make a car not pass the ITV

One in four vehicles do not pass the Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) the first time. There are many causes that can lead to an unfavorable result, but there are three the most frequent failures that make a car not pass the ITV.

The three most frequent ITV failures

TÜV Rheinland, a company specialized in technical, safety and certification services, has reviewed the data collected by service stations to show (and raise awareness) of the most common failures that can mean a ‘no’ in the inspection.

  • Among the most common defects are those related to lighting and signaling (36.18%), which can lead to accidents by preventing the rest of the vehicles from anticipating the reaction or losing visibility, due to improper settings, or dazzling other drivers.
  • The bad tires they also have a high percentage of defects, with 33.72%. “Losing the tread of the tire or causing damage to the steering of the vehicle are some of the consequences of these defects that could endanger the safety of the driver and that of the rest of the vehicles that are in circulation”, they explain.

That’s right and the date of entry into force of the new European tire labeling

  • Specifically in heavy vehicles, they are of special relevance defects associated with the service brake, with 19.02% and the suspension system, with 17.30%

Trucks, the vehicles with the most failures

The data provided by the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (AECA – ITV), show that the percentage of vehicles that do not pass the ITV varies by category:

  • the trucks They are the vehicles with the most failures, to the point that 30% have a defect during the truck inspection
  • behind, are the buses; 26.9% of inspections show failures
  • follow the vans (25.2%) and trailers (14,2%)

ITV, a question of security

According to the latest study carried out by the Duque de Santomauro Motor Vehicle Road Safety Institute (ISVA) on the ITV’s contribution to Road Safety, ITV stations managed to avoid more than 500 road fatalities, close to 12,000 injuries of various degrees and at least 17,700 traffic accidents in one year. It also points out that if 20% of the vehicles that did not attend the mandatory inspections had done so, 8,800 accidents, about 7,200 injured and 161 additional deaths could have been avoided.

Noelia Lopez April 28, 2021 – 07: 34h

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