We have the trends in clothing, footwear and accessories covered, we just needed to tell you what are the colors that are in fashion this season and that they will paint those dresses that we will not be able to stop wearing during spring and summer.

With the arrival of warmer weather, all you want to do is remove layers of clothing and wear skirts and dresses on every possible occasion. From midi dresses, very in vogue right now and that we can wear every season, to short dresses, other models that we will wear these months thanks to those hems that have been widely cut.

This season is about looking comfortable, showing our legs and playing with that comfortable sensuality to show off our figure. And we will not only do that with the dress silhouettes that are in trend, but also taking into account Those colors that are in fashion and that we should not avoid using in these fresh garments.

This will be your favorite 2×1 at halftime: dresses and fashionable shades that masterfully come together in a single garment.

Soft yellows

Yellow is joy, even if it is in a less flashy tone. It is also a jovial hue that will give a more romantic touch to the sexiest dress you can wear. This one meets all the requirements of the season with that very short length, with small ruffles, rectangular neck and slightly puffed sleeves. An ideal model to go to the beach or take a walk in the marina.

Bubblegum pink

What one of the colors that are in fashion this season in a variety of spring-summer collections, pink, so Barbie and so associated with feminine energy, it will stay strong during all these hot months. And we will not only see it in the favorite tone of the moment, this brightest pink, like bubble gum or almost reaching neon, also the paler, more pastel tone will be a great bet to wear, in short dresses with large sleeves or with necklines in the back.

Between oranges and tangerines

Both colors can become polarizing, but ultimately it is a tone that unintentionally fills you with liveliness. This vibrant orange color we have already seen during other seasons; however, he has returned with a notable presence for this spring. It is a daring color and one should not be afraid of, but when will it be the go-to tone to show off that tan from the beach after so many days of tanning. Acne, Ferragamo, Valentino, Burberry, Versace, MSGM and Miu Miu, to name a few, included it on their catwalks and if you want to surprise with it, a slip dress will be an attractive option.

Lime green

To deny that green, in general, is the color of the season would be a monumental nonsense. It only takes a look around the profiles of the best dressed to realize that the palette of green tones will include bags, dresses, blouses and shoes in shades such as sea foam, mint, emerald, lime, neon and many more. Proof of this is this knitted dress, ribbed style, green long sleeves, worn by Tamu McPherson. It’s the right shade of hope that all of our spring looks desperately need.

Summer white

Is it possible that there is a summer without the color white? I do not think so. Even if it is not ‘in trend’, white is an infallible of this time, but it happens that this season it does officially fall within the colors that are in fashion. It’s a cool shade to neutralize, or balance, between such a bright color palette. The total white look will be mandatory and one way to wear it will be with a mini dress with cut-outs and that upper cut similar to that of a shirt.

Shades of blue

The catwalks were also covered in various shades of blue, ranging from French blue to cerulean and royal blue to navy blue. Whether you like lighter and brighter colors or deep and dark ones, this season you will find a shade for you. However, we cannot deny that pastel blue will be able to beat all other shades, even more so if you wear it in a midi dress like this one, with that country style, with a gingham print and baggy sleeves.

Red Hot

Red from head to toe will be a recurring color this season. We saw it first at Herm├Ęs, Fendi, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Valentino, Sacai, and more. Either it is a red dress with transparencies and in fluid fabrics such as organza and silk, in its leather version for a date night or also in shoes and an always seductive rouge lipstick. Include this hue in a dress or garment that stands out and no one will be able to tell you no you wear one of the colors that are in fashion.

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