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these are the changes and compatible models

LineageOS is one of the most established ROMs for Android that is updated most frequently to keep up with the latest version of the system. Born like this LineageOS 18.1, the version based on Android 11 which is already available for more than 50 terminals.

The main novelty of LineageOS 18.1 is that it is based on Android 11 and, therefore, includes all the news of this update, on which it adds own news in the applications and services that come pre-installed in LineageOS.

LineageOS flavored with Android 11

For a long time, the numbering of LineageOS does not exactly match that of Android, because every time a major change is made to the platform, the minor version is increased. After the last change in December, the LineageOS based on Android 11 is LineageOS 18.1, just like the one based on Android 10 was LineageOS 17.1.

LineageOS 18.1 includes the security patches until March 2021 and the new features of Android 11 included in AOSP such as improvements in notifications, notification bubbles or changes in permissions, in addition to integrating changes in own applications.

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The own screen recorder application is updated, the calendar application, a new application is included to make backup copies, the music player is updated and a way is added to update the image of the mode recovery on devices without A / B partitions, among other new features.

LineageOS 18.1 compatible phones

Lgg2 LG G2, one of the supported mobiles

The list of mobiles compatible with LineageOS 18.1 is extensive and includes more than 50 models (70, if we count the variants for different operators). As always, you will find the download links in the Download section of its official website, as well as a Wiki for each device with information on how to install it or known limitations.

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