These are the best roscas de reyes according to the Rosquiza Santa Clara 2021

Not even the pandemic could prevent the already traditional Rosquiza Santa Clara. To comply with all the security measures imposed by the Government, the event was held virtually, so that voters – influencers, foodies and the media – received in the comfort of their home a kit with milk and samples of the participating threads.

For the 2021 edition, 24 participated roscas de reyes coming from best bakeries in CDMX (Alba Cocina Local, Bottega Sartoría, Cardín, Carolo, Cuina, Delirio, El Bajío, Eliana GP, Eno, Between brambles and blueberries, Fonda Garufa, Hotel Brick, Lalo !, Maison Kaiser, Marne, Nicos, Pastelería Alcazar, Pastelería La Switzerland, Rosetta, Saint, Signora Mariola, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma, Tomasa and Tout Chocolat), which were rated in the categories: Traditional thread, Filled thread, Most original thread and People’s Choice

The contest determined as absolute winners the roscas de reyes de Nicos, Tout Chocolat, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma and Panadería La Suiza, which were in the first places of the categories in which they participated.

The winners of each category are:

Traditional rosca de reyes

1st place: Nicos – Recipe by María Elena Lugo scented with orange zest and orange blossom water; sugar and crystallized fruits.
2nd place: Eno – Butter thread with tangerine zest; granulated sugar, candied orange, fig and quince paste.
3rd place: El Bajío – Thread flavored with essence of orange blossom, homemade green and red tie, fig in syrup and vanilla coverage.


Rosca de reyes stuffed

1st place: Tout Chocolat – Thread with lemon and candied orange, stuffed with gianduja and hazelnut praline.
2nd place: Lalo! – Thread filled with white chocolate and tangerine cream, decorated with toasted almonds and figs and guava candied at home.
3rd place: Maison Kayser – Buttercream with a touch of orange, filled with cream and decorated with a sugar crust, tie and pearl sugar.


Most original rosca de reyes

1st place: Sofitel Mexico City Reforma – Galette des Rois almond-blueberry flavor.
2nd place: Cardín – Rosca de reyes stuffed with almond marzipan, decorated with a crust of sugar, almonds and chocolate.
3rd place: Fonda Garufa – Rosca de reyes with a shell-like sugar crust.


People’s Choice:

La Suiza Pastry – Rosca de reyes filled with cream.


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