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there will be night restriction to circulate

Although the publication schedule of the new decree has not yet been confirmed, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, said that this afternoon “will be defined” the new measures that “will govern from tomorrow” with their publication in the Official Gazette.

“In yesterday’s meeting between President Alberto Fernández and the governors there were agreements on the need to restrict movement at night.”Cafiero said when leading an event at the Malbrán Institute.

According to what Ámbito learned, neither the government nor the provinces are convinced by the term “curfew”, despite the fact that they all agreed that nighttime circulation should be restricted to prevent the spread of the virus. In fact, One of the requests of the provincial leaders in the videoconference on Wednesday was that it be the Nation that provides the measure: no one wants to pay the political cost of the ban in a society tired of quarantine.

While The closure of the night activity is already a fact, it has not yet been defined if the restriction will begin at 23 (as was originally planned) or 24 hours.


This is how President Alberto Fernández entered Casa Rosada this Thursday.

This is how President Alberto Fernández entered Casa Rosada this Thursday.


After two days that exceeded 13 thousand cases a day, the Government also analyzes these hours re-restrict the use of public transportation for essential workers.

Another factor to take into account is that This Friday, January 8, the entry restriction on flights from Great Britain and other European countries expires. In this sense, the idea is to maintain this measure, without disabling the entry of Argentines and residents.

Among the measures that are addressed during these hours, the possibility of requesting a PCR test for domestic tourism is also discussed. However, due to the difficulties for its application, its implementation is not confirmed for now.

In this sense, the Chief of Staff anticipated that the measures “will not alter the season” of summer.

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