There were two hitmen who entered the IMSS: Prosecutor

The Juarez Journal

Tuesday, December 29, 2020 | 10:28

Juarez City.– There were two gunmen who entered the General Hospital of Zone 35 of the IMSS, disguised as nurses, to shoot a man who was recovering from a gunshot wound and who was on the fourth floor of the hospital, reported the prosecutor for the Northern District, Jorge Nava López.

The State Prosecutor’s Office analyzes the videos of the hospital security cameras and in them it has been determined that the hitman did not act alone, that he was accompanied by another who also managed to enter and reach the fourth floor, in addition to a third who was waiting outside.

The FGE also confirmed that the target of the attack, Héctor Antonio Ramírez, 36, had been attacked with bullets on December 17 in the Revolución Mexicana neighborhood, but this morning he received a single shot to the head and was killed.

The prosecutor said that there are still no people arrested in connection with this homicide, which caused panic among Social Security employees and users.

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