There is uncertainty in the opposition for the vote and they pass the pressure on the Government

In the hours before the session for the legalization of abortion in the Senate, the scenario looms uncertain due to the parity and secrecy of a handful of legislators on the meaning of your vote. Referents of the green sector of the Frente de Todos expressed optimism about the possible sanction of the project, although the numbers remain tight. In the opposition they sought pass the pressure to the ruling party: legislators from Together for Change in favor and against the initiative agreed that it will depend on the government’s push.

The beginning of the decisive treatment of the project, in the Chamber most adverse to legalization – in Deputies there were 131 votes in favor, 117 against and six abstentions – was scheduled for this Tuesday at 4:00 p.m., with a very even count and a slight advantage for “greens”: 33 to 32. Those numbers of the usual “poroteo” leave an open end, for the moment without the necessary majority of 37 to ensure the sanction – although there would be two absent, José Alperovich, denounced for rape, and Carlos Menem, hospitalized – already turn with some senators who showed in favor of the initiative but with objections to articles. In the event that the entire vote is not approved in particular, the debate will have to go back to Deputies.

Members of Together for Change denied that a strategy to postpone the sanction and thus avoid the Government a reason to celebrate as the end of the year. It had been proposed by some members of the interblock in a virtual meeting. Nor did it prosper to let the quorum depend solely on the ruling party and the authorities went out to dismiss the version of the alleged so-called of Mauricio Macri to stop the law and thus deal a blow to the ruling party.

I never received a call from Macri or I had knowledge of him speaking to a senator from Together for Change. We have a very clear position and it is the one we held two years ago: freedom of conscience. Each one votes according to their convictions, “said Luis Naidenoff-president of the interblock- to Clarion. Humberto Schiavoni – head of the PRO bench – had spoken along the same lines. The City sought to reaffirm that there will be no pressure with one piece of information: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Diego Santilli did not speak about the issue but They are against, and Martín Lousteau and Guadalupe Tagliaferri -the two senators of the district- will support the project.

Even so, there could be senators from the opposition coalition who vote generally in favor and against some articles, such as Ernesto Martínez and Laura Rodríguez Machado from Córdoba. The first warned that it could reject or refrain in particular if your requests for modifications are not successful. Stella Maris Olalla from Entre Ríos and Lucila Crexell from Neuquén gave no signs of their decisions – they maintained secrecy with block mates – and neither did Oscar Castillo from Catamarca, in favor, confirmed their vote in the 2018 debate. “The rest is defined”, They confirmed in Together for Change.

“The difference can be made by the ruling party. Nobody shows us the cards and the feeling is that this film is defined on the day of the vote, ”one of the opposition leaders in favor of legalization sowed suspense, with questions about attitude by Cristina Kirchner to favor the sanction. The look was partly shared by a JxC senator against the initiative: “The Peronists are vertical and when they call more than one the pear trembles. It happened with (Sergio) Leavy and they must be squeezing others ”, he referred to the Salta who was against it and will rethink his position after being received by Alberto Fernández.

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