“There is a crazy journalism that needs a therapist to attend to them”

Once again, and on the last day of the year, President Alberto Fernández took the trouble to question a part of journalism that he blamed, among other things, for “wanting to divide Argentina “ and stated you need “a therapist“.

“There is a crazy journalism that He needs therapists to get rid of the hatred they carry. There is such a journalism that, in addition, clearly responds to interests. But I think that little by little people are discovering that journalism, “he said.

The president made the controversial statements during an extensive interview with journalist Gustavo Sylvestre, whom he placed inside “of that other more committed journalism that also exists “.

“But there is a journalism that should seriously rethink that all it does is provoke discouragement towards Argentines because of the hatred they have for Cristina, Peronism, me, I don’t know. They say things that really don’t make sense“he added.

After talking about the situation in Vicentín and the protests generated by the failed attempt at intervention, the president pointed directly against “Channel 13, Clarín and La Nación“, which he blamed for” promoting the banners “to which” society sometimes lets itself be carried away. “

“They call us tyrants, dictators, they say we are Venezuela and there they are, they are now unemployed (for Vicentín) and the newspapers continue to sell,” he lashed out.

Fernández gave as an example the pension reform approved by Congress on Tuesday, which implies a new adjustment for salaries, and also the vaccination operation against the coronavirus that began on Tuesday with the arrival of 300,000 doses of Sputnik V from Russia.

“We distribute the vaccine according to the number of inhabitants that each province has. The City of Buenos Aires was the second or third that received the most vaccines. What do they publish ?: ‘Alberto punished the City of Buenos Aires and Larreta.’ I start reading and they say I punished her because they supposedly have more doctors. I can’t believe it, “he said.

“That vocation to divide, to make us separate, to wreck the project, to wreck Argentina. The truth, what these journalists need is to be treated by a psychiatrist and make them understand that they live in a community that needs them to please stop dividing us. When we were united, we were all able to take the fight against coronavirus together. And the newspapers do the impossible so that this does not happen, “he said.

The president also attacked a sector of the Justice when comparing the treatment of the cases against Mauricio Macri with those of Amado Boudou, who must return to jail: “There are judges who do not have the same speed to investigate Macri and his followers. The same judge ordered the arrest of Boudou to send him to a jail “.

The head of state avoided making a value judgment on the procedural situation of the former vice president, by assuring that “they are charging very serious crimes against the public administration,” although he warned that “when the Supreme Court had to hear the case, it rejected it with a childish argument. “

“Now it turns out that two judges requesting a transfer (Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi) generate a mobilization of the entire Justice, a resource such as the per saltum and they ended up solving a shameful ruling on the transfer of judges. This Justice does not work like that, it fulfills the wishes of the powers that be, “he said.


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