There are more Mexicans inoculated in the US

Between January 21 and March 31, the president who has vaccinated the most Mexicans is called Joe Biden. And from April 1 onwards, according to the information, it will continue to immunize more Mexicans than President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, until the number of mexicans runs out in USA.

Just look at the statistics for Mexico and the US, the average number of vaccinated per day in Mexico is 64 thousand doses, while in the American Union it is 1,900 thousand vaccines.

A noticeable difference before a American government committed to saving lives “and not having to move six people per vaccine, among soldiers, pets of the nation and doctors as happens every day in our country,” he tells THE UNIVERSAL distressed and upset Leída Ochoa, originally from San Luis Potosí and residing in Los Angeles, California. “I hope that history will judge López Obrador and his supporters as it should be, who today are already responsible for thousands of deaths of Mexicans due to their incapacity and political interests.”

According to official US data and information from various population groups, on average it can be concluded that of the more than 330 million inhabitants in the American Union, about 18% are of Latino origin, about 59 million 400 thousand. And of them, 63% are Mexican or of Mexican origin; that is, some 37 million 500 thousand closing numbers and already included documented and undocumented.

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If we take into account data from the US Department of Labor, from several NGO study publications, among which the Pew Research Center, the Current Population Survey and universities stand out, it is obtained that, at least, an average of 4 million of Mexican or Mexican American men and women 65 years of age or older have already been vaccinated.

Similarly, considering that of the approximately 3 million farm workers in the US, almost half are Mexican or of Mexican origin, about 1 million have already been vaccinated. If the others are added indispensable workers, as doctors, workers, employees in supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, airports, etc., Mexicans and Mexican Americans, would add at this time, around 9 million more, according to calculations of specialists consulted. This would give an average total of 14 million vaccinated mexicans, a figure that will continue to grow until almost the entire Mexican community is completed.

In Mexico, according to figures from Our World in Data, total 7.85 million vaccines. In a statement, the Ministry of Health explained that until yesterday 8 million 334 thousand 250 doses have been administered among the Mexican population.

“It is shameful that Mexicans outside of their country feel safer and better treated in the pandemic in this country, not to mention many other areas,” says Alfredo Cermeño, a third generation from Los Angeles, of Mexican paternal and maternal grandparents. “But there is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see,” he says in relation to the vaccination system in Mexico.

It must be added that since March 22, by orders of the Florida governor, Ron DeSantisAs of April 1, by orders of the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, all adults from the age of 50 have begun to be vaccinated and their age will gradually decrease. Miami-Dade County lowered the age to 40 years from March 29 and beginning April 5, everyone 18 years and older will be vaccinated. Likewise, New York will begin to immunize all adults from April 6 and from April 15, in California, to all persons 16 years of age or older.

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On Biden’s orders, the entire American Union will begin vaccinating all adults, of any age, no later than May 1. “Here they do not walk with servants or non-servants, with soldiers, or asking for electoral data, here they are to save lives (…) and as quickly as possible,” says Mandi Moreno, a resident of Miami, Florida and originally from Veracruz, ” I do not know how their faces do not fall in shame before the world and the Mexicans [dentro y fuera del país], because of the way they have been doing things ”.

“Isn’t it that at the end of March all the old people were going to be vaccinated? And then that for April, that is not having a word or mother, they lack pants at [subsecretario Hugo López] Gatell and the president [López Obrador]”Says Jaime Ordoñez, from Monterrey, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, very annoyed. “But it wasn’t his relatives who are dying. People say, ‘I wish you nothing bad [a los gobernantes responsables], although they are doing very badly. ‘ Do not be afraid, say it, they are children of the sooty, I hope the train will take them ”.

In the United States, parks, sports complexes, public schools, pharmacies and supermarkets were joined to carry out mass vaccination; in addition to clinics and hospitals. Internet pages were opened, phone numbers and emails assigned for quick and easy registration. During the vaccination, only an identification is requested to confirm that it is in the registry and nothing else. The antiviral dose is executed, the vaccinated person is kept under observation for half an hour in other designated areas, and that’s it.

Once the ages are open across the United States for vaccines, the population is expected to be protected against the Covid-19 no later than the end of this year; for that of the second doses.

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