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There are low shoes that stylize the figure the same (or more) than heels

Dancers, flats, low shoes, well, that kind of footwear that serves as an emergency plan before the ‘I don’t have what to wear’ and, especially, when you have danced or walked so much in high heel shoes that walking is no longer the most elegant. That’s when it’s worth swapping for a pair of these shoes that are usually cute, comfortable and very versatile.

Despite its excellent balance between function and the shape, many times they remain elegance and that is its great weakness. Not a shoe too much informal, but it is not enough formal, put it in some way.

However, there are certain elements that when they are present in the design of some dancers, they certainly make them look more elegant and they even help stylize the figure. If what you are looking for is to have in your closet is this, then when buying your next flat shoes you must ensure that they meet these three characteristics:

While the attribute The main thing about this type of footwear is that they are totally flat, that can mean something uncomfortable for some that when walking causes them heel pain. That is why the intermediate is in those that have a small heel. According to experts, the most comfortable They are those of 3 and 4 cm in height.

When you say dancer, surely the first image that will come to mind will be that of a round toe shoe. However, they are those that end in peak ideal for visually lengthening the legs and, therefore, stylize the figure.

And it is model not your favorite, the alternative to give the optical effect of a longer foot, are those low-cut, with the instep completely exposed and that reveals the greatest amount of skin.

As you may already know, they are so versatile that they can be combined with dresses, jeans, pleated pants, mini skirts and, ultimately, with everything you have in your closet, even your new biker shorts.

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