“There are fantasies that have no logic, such as creating a single health system to have full power,” warn the prepaid

The reversal of the Government in the increase in the fees for prepaid medicine that had been made official on the last day of 2020 put the sector on alert, which in addition to warning of the serious problems that the lack of updating will bring about due to the increase in costs , they echoed the rumors that speak of a possible plan of the Government to reform the health system.

In this framework, the president of Swiss Medical, Claudio Belocopitt, assured that there are “an infinity of fantasies that have no logic”, among which he included “creating a single health system to have full power.”

“If you create a single health system, not only are you going to administer it, but you are also going to determine which drug enters and which does not and other issues,” said the also president of the Argentine Union of Private Sector Health Entities (UAS) in statements to radio Miter.

The increase in fees was authorized on the morning of December 31 with the dissemination in the Official Gazette of Resolution 2987/2020, with the signature of Minister Ginés Gonzalez Garcia. And in the early hours of the afternoon, suspended “by express decision of the President of the Nation” through Resolution 2988/2020 also signed by González Garcia and published in a Special Supplement to the Official Gazette.

“The Government has the right to do a single system if it wishes, it is a democratic government and can propose the health system it wants. If we private ones have no place in that health system, we will go and manage another. But it seems to me that there are moments and moments for discussion “, said the businessman also in statements to radio Con Vos.

And he added: “Today we are in a pandemic context, we have to get out of this state and on the other hand we have to know what the plan is, the population and the actors of the health system we have to know.”

But Belocopitt was not left alone in analyzing the situation and, with an outburst, made clear what the sector feels: “We were expecting a memorial plaque and not a kick in the ass”.

“In Argentina the health system works very well. It has many things to improve, but if you look at it in terms of coverage, the scope it has and the cost of financing it perceives, you will realize that the system works well”, Belocopitt justified.

And he added: “With regard to how it worked in 2020 in the public-private joint, at first I thought they were going to call us to Congress and they were going to give us a memorial plaque, not that they were going to kick us in the ass thinking that we are a disaster, because it has not been so. The health system in Argentina has banned the pandemic“.

Despite the discomfort of health providers due to this situation, the businessman clarified that this will not affect the system in the midst of the pandemic and in the response that Argentines need: “We are not going to mix this with the situation. We are going to put what we have and do not have to face this pandemic.”

“We tell the State that the health system needs fuelIt’s like an airplane, it flies on gasoline. We can be the best pilots, prepared to fly in any weather condition, but without fuel it is difficult, “he stressed.

Although throughout 2020, prepayments only increased the value of fees by 10% as of last December, the Government maintains that, due to the pandemic, the sector received important aid and “financial support” of the State, such as the reduction of up to 95% of the employer’s contributions to Social Security, or the payment of a part of private salaries through the ATP program or extraordinary bonuses to Health personnel.

Given this, Belocopitt clarified that when talking about the health system it does not refer to “only prepaid medicine” and that what must be understood is that it is this very “that presents a problem in the health system.” And he remarked that health providers not only serve the private ones, but “also PAMI, IOMA and the union and provincial social works.”

“The providers that have had a very complicated, very hard 2020 and have supplied this income with the help of the state through the ATP and decree 300, since December 31 they no longer have these government aid. The provider sector from one day to the next is like they take the bench, they leave it alone without increasing rates, “he remarked.


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