TV presenter Ksenia Borodina is a famous fashionista, and both daughters of the star are not far behind their mother. Ksenia carefully monitors how her two heirs, Marusya and Theon, dress. Girls always flaunt in stylish outfits that their mother selects for them according to the occasion.

In the Instagram story, Ksenia Borodina captured the youngest daughter Teona in the hallway of their spacious house. The girl gathered for rhythmic gymnastics classes, which she attends as well as her older sister Marusya.

The baby is dressed in a stylish trendy down jacket in aged gold and a cocoa-colored beanie.

“My baby, do you remember the whole dance? Will you do everything? Do you promise? ” – Ksenia Borodina asks Teona.

The girl nods her head in agreement. And suddenly the star mother noticed the items prohibited for gymnasts in her daughter’s hands.

“And what’s in there? Do we eat all the candies? – Ksenia caught her daughter. – Will you kiss your mom? I love. “

Ksenia Borodina has repeatedly admitted that she is a very strict and demanding mother, who, at the same time, loves to pamper her daughters. From trips abroad, she always brings gifts to Teona and Marusa. And the eldest daughter of Ksenia Borodina, who won the competition, chose a new thing in TSUM as an encouragement from her mother.

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