the young people run over by Píparo’s husband say they are not thieves

The Justice of La Plata tries to determine if the two young people who were run over by the husband of Carolina Píparo, the provincial deputy who ten years ago was shot during a bank leak in the city of La Plata, after the robbery were or were not part of the gang of motorcycle jets.

“We believe there were minor injuries,” said lawyer Juan Beluardo, who represents the two young men who were run over. The lawyer also denied that his clients were involved in the theft. In statements to the press, Beluardo said that the two young men “were left on the public highway in a state of total defenselessness and Mrs. Píparo continued on her way.”

For his part, Píparo considered that these accusations are “barbarities” because, she assured, her husband tried to escape from motorcycles that had locked them up. The legislator explained that the crash occurred “when we want to pass the confinement” and remarked that her husband did not stop the march because there were other “three motorcycles that came to attack us.”

We in no way wanted to crash or stop them, we were locked up and we thought at all times that we were at risk and wanted to get to a police checkpoint, something we finally did, “he said.

Píparo was outraged by the accusations: “I can’t believe there is so much inventiveness about situations in which one would not like to be, there is no crack here.”

“Today I can tell you because the six motorcycle jets who approached me decided not to shoot,” the deputy from Together for Change tweeted about the robbery she suffered at dawn. According to the legislator, the event occurred during this morning at 44 between 15 and 16, when, together with her husband, she went to take her father home after the family dinner at the end of the year.

In this context, she was surprised by people on board three motorcycles who stole her wallet and cell phone without offering resistance.

The impact on the nose of Carolina Píparo's Fiat 500, assaulted in La Plata.

The impact on the nose of Carolina Píparo’s Fiat 500, assaulted in La Plata.

“(Relatives) were unloading dishes from the vehicle and at that moment when I was inside the car, six criminals approached me to whom I gave my things pointed by a gun,” he said.

After calling 911, the police approached them and told them which police station they should go to file the complaint and, according to their statements, while they were heading to that address, they came across the motorcycles that had approached them.

“My husband followed them while I called 911 telling the operator which street we were going on. At one point two motorcycles were added to those three and the five blocked our way, we collided with one of them and three started chasing us. I don’t know how many blocks we made until we found the police with them behind trying to attack us, “said the current Secretary for Victim Assistance and Gender Policies of the Municipality of La Plata.

Píparo revealed that the two people on board the motorcycle are in good health and the theft investigation is ongoing. Then Píparo said that as soon as the assault took place, his reaction “was automatically to hand over everything”, because he saw “a gun.”

“When we saw him on the street, my husband’s reaction was to follow them and I call 911 for the police to come,” he added and maintained that “somehow this is going to happen to someone else, that’s the reality.”

Píparo thanked “those who care” and that his children were not with them in the car, while he also appreciated “the attention of all the police personnel.”

“The reality is that when they were chasing us I would yell at people who were in some cars to call the police, people may not realize what the situation is like because in general there is fear of compromising in these situations but I believe here you can do it by calling the police, “he said.

The salidera that changed her life

On July 29, 2010, the La Plata official attended with her mother, María Ema, to withdraw money from the Banco Santander Río branch located on 7th avenue and 42nd street, in the provincial capital.

Once she got 10,000 dollars and 13,000 pesos, she drove to her house on 21st and 36th streets without noticing that a gang of criminals was following her.

When she got out of the car, Carolina was surprised by two motorcycle jets, one of which threw her to the ground, hit her with a rifle butt in the head and, despite stealing her money, shot her.

After the assault, the victim was transferred to Gonnet Hospital where the doctors performed a caesarean section from which her son Isidro was born, although due to the injuries the mother had suffered, he died a week later.

In March 2013, the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 2 of La Plata began the trial of the seven accused of forming the gang that had assaulted her.

Unanimously, the TOC 2 sentenced Carlos Moreno, Miguel “Pimienta” Silva (who died in 2018), Luciano López, Juan Manuel Calvimonte and Carlos Jordán Juárez to life imprisonment, to whom it charged with the crime of “attempted murder criminis causa “to the detriment of Carolina and” homicide criminis causa “for the death of her baby Isidro.

Following the appeal of the defenses, the Buenos Aires Court of Cassation changed the heading from “homicide criminis causa” to “homicide on the occasion of robbery” and reduced the sentence of the five sentenced to between 23 and 25 years in prison.

Meanwhile, in April of last year, Píparo denounced Moreno after threatening her on Facebook, so the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB) searched the accused’s cell and found a cell phone that was not registered.

The messages, some of which appeared on the wall of the victim’s Facebook page, were posted under the username “Carlín Moreno.”

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