The young man who saw Paula Giménez alive for the last time gave his version of events

The young man who saw Paula Giménez alive for the last time gave his version of events

According to the people who last saw the Paula Gimenez, including Franco N., the young woman went home after a party. Now the young man pointed by the public opinion as the person responsible for the death of the young woman, declared before the investigators his version of the facts.

According to the testimony of young people who participated with Paula in the party prior to the discovery of the young woman, it was learned that the victim would have arrived around 04:30 with another young man named Franco N (21) to the party which took place in a house located on López y Planes avenue, in front of the victim’s home. The two of them left around 07:00.

At around 07:15 am the occupant of the home where the party was taking place, Rodrigo T. (21), received a call from Franco, where he ask me to go to Paula’s house -who lived in front, passing the avenue– and see how she was, since he feared for his safety. Rodrigo goes to the house and after a few minutes he returns to the screams asking for help, after finding Paula suffocated and lifeless, trying to help her but without success.

The named Franco N. was detained for a background check, the same were obtained and duly identified, the SS ordered that you receive a testimonial statement, where this coincided at these times, adding that six months ago he had no formal relationship with Paula, and that is constantly, threatened to injure himself if he did not return to her. He continued by saying that he got on the group 23 and the young woman remained alone at her home and continued to send her messages asking her to return or else she would be injured.

Always according to Franco N’s testimony, the young woman even sent him a photograph resting a knife on his leg and another forming a gallows with an electric cable. Reasons why, after receiving those photos, she called Rodrigo. He said that around 07:15 the young woman no longer answered messages and calls.


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