The worst day in Mexico due to coronavirus: a new record of deaths and infections with 1,165 and 13,345 in 24 hours

According to the figures presented by the federal government, until this Wednesday, January 6, the coronavirus has left a trace of 1,479,835 accumulated confirmed cases and 129,987 deaths. This means that in the last 24 hours they were integrated 13,345 new infections and 1,165 deaths.

The COVID-19 pandemic that reached the republic in February last year continues its advance, for such reason that the Ministry of Health (SSa) will continue with its dynamics of inform at 7:00 p.m. from the National Palace, the advance of SARS-CoV-2.

Progress of COVID-19 in Mexico (Photo: SSa)
Progress of COVID-19 in Mexico (Photo: SSa)

During the reading of the technical report, the active epidemic, the epidemiological curve, the accumulated incidence, the hospital capacity, the positivity and the progress in the vaccination day for health sector personnel that attends the COVID-19 emergency.

As for the data of the active epidemic, the SSa explained that is estimated at 5%, which corresponds to a number of 76,101 patients who are carriers of the new strain of coronavirus. It should be remembered that the active epidemic is considered to be COVID patients who manifested the symptoms of the disease in the last 14 days and therefore possess the ability to spread this virus. They also reported that positivity in the tests of the new coronavirus it remains in the 42 percent.

Hospital occupation as of January 6 (Photo: SSa)
Hospital occupation as of January 6 (Photo: SSa)

The lethality of the virus continues in 6%, which means that out of every 100 patients, 6 die from complications of this disease. While the accumulated incidence, the public official said that it continues to rise, since the rebound of the disease is a trend that has been recorded since October of last year, which is why the importance of confinement and personal hygiene was reiterated.

According to the hospital occupation, according to what was reported by the bed network IRAG (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection), a 2% increase was reported in the national average in general beds (without artificial respiration support), as it rose from 53 to 55 percent. This means that of the 30,961 general beds, 16,920 are occupied and 14,041 are available; In addition to this, it was pointed out that there are now six states whose occupation is above 70%, which is a risk for the population of these places: Mexico City has an occupancy of 88%, the State of Mexico has it at 83%, Hidalgo is at 77%, Guanajuato with 80%, Nuevo León is at 79% and Baja California is integrated with an occupation of 74%.

Beds with fan as of January 6 (Photo: SSa)
Beds with fan as of January 6 (Photo: SSa)

With this same report, beds with fan (with artificial respiration support), a more optimistic report was given, as the occupation is at 46%; However, it must be taken into account that this is one percentage point more than that reported on Tuesday, the 5th. Which means that of the 10,151 beds with ventilators in Mexico, 4,685 are occupied and 5,466 are available. In addition to this, in terms of occupancy greater than 70%, the diagnosis on Tuesday is also favorable, since only two entities are above that percentage: CDMX with 83% and Edomex with 79 percent.

Regarding the progress of the day of vaccination, the SSa reported that just this Wednesday 4,752 vaccines were applied and that in total, 53,185. These injections began to be applied on December 24 after the arrival of the first batch at Mexico City International Airport.


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