“I come strengthened, but when the program’s cameras turn off, I will experience that myself and in my space,” said Alejandra Jaramillo, television presenter, who returns to TV after her boyfriend, Efraín Ruales, was murdered two months ago .

Her fellow program members, after presenting her with several videos where her fans send her strength, asked Jaramillo how she manages to hold back her tears and she replied: “It’s a supernatural force.”

In addition, the beautiful presenter took advantage of the moment to thank her family and Efraín Ruales’ family for the support they have maintained from everyone to be able to move forward, and be part of this process together.

The return of Alejandra Jaramillo was expected by her thousands of followers, social networks at the moment have overflowed with messages to her, sending her positive messages full of hope so that she can advance in this process, after losing her partner.

“Today I am experiencing many things, but above all that now I have the opportunity to provide support. Pain does not go away, one learns to live with pain, and we learn to transform it ”, added the presenter.

Among some of his phrases, he also thanked his son “Sebas”, to whom he said: “Thank you for getting up, dear son. It was you who supported me during these months, you are the best gift that God has given me.”


What has helped Alejandra Jaramillo to move forward? This posted

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