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The winning DNA of Real Madrid

Chelsea missed a golden opportunity and let Madrid live. Be careful, be very careful.

I have nothing but admiration for the competitive gene of the Real Madrid footballers, this Tuesday they delivered one more test. I know that the 1-1 in Valdebebas against him Chelsea It is not a good result, that they allowed a goal playing at home, that they did not take advantage of the visit to Stamford Bridge. Okay, all right. But I also saw the way Chelsea were sweeping them in the first twenty minutes, and I saw them equalize the score and the process of the match.

Chelsea were a steamroller, in much better physical shape. They did not see the license plate Christian Pulisic, Marcelo was exhibited by the left wing, Ngolo Kanté returned to interpret a symphony in midfield, it was clear that they were on different levels. However, when the storm was most serious was when Madrid stood up. First came a shot from Karim Benzema to the post, and then the goal in the 29th minute.

I imagine what more than one from Chelsea will have thought, “We are beating them with such clarity and they just tied us. What do we have to do to kill them! ” Right off the bat, don’t give them a second chance. The Chelsea He has given it to Madrid. That is very dangerous against the greatest champion of Europe.

In this game we could also see the great difference that an accurate striker makes, a fully confident killer from the area. Timo Werner at minute 9 he had a clamorous goal opportunity that Thibaut Courtois took out in a spectacular way; Benzema He took oil from an impossible play, a goal was created out of nothing with a miraculous technical resource. The German had the goal within his grasp and threw it overboard, it is still not the one we saw in Leipzig, the Frenchman turned a stone into a jewel.

To all this, there is very clear evidence. Several of the Madrid bosses are very low voltage. Toni Kroos Y Luka Modric they bring too many leg games. The few rotations of Zinedine Zidane in other stages of the campaign have them with the reserve of the fuel tank ahead of time. But it is also a fact that without them they would not have reached this stage. It is time for them to rest the weekend against Osasuna and recharge before the trip to London.

The 1-1 is still a good result for Chelsea. However, the feeling remains that they had everything to define the series. In 180 minutes you will have your moment of superiority, to the extent that you reflect it on the scoreboard you will be able to advance. Chelsea missed a golden opportunity and let Madrid live. Be careful, be very careful. Many have regretted it.

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