The winners of the awards for the best end of the year dolls

La Plata will celebrate the arrival of the New Year with the emblematic burning of dolls and in the awards given by the Commune, the main one was for the figures of “The Penguins of Madagascar” on 27th and 32nd streets.

There are a total of 61 registered structures that will burn during the first hours of 2021. For this edition, as a novelty in the awards scheme, there were categories “scenography”, “idea”, “originality”, “creativity”, “completion ”And the main prize for“ the voice of the dolls ”.

In this way, the characters of the momo located at 27 and 32 (The Penguins of Madagascar) stood out as the winners of the main prize “the voice of the dolls”, before the vote of a jury of specialists made up of historical dollmen, who visualized each of the inscribed structures carefully.

As for the winners, the award for the best “set design” went to “The dark side” (25 and 58); in the “idea” category, the winner was “Cosmic Kite” (10 and 40); the distinction for “originality” was taken by the momo “Maradona, Sabella, el chavo y la barrio” (152 and 72); while “Avatar Aang” (19 and 64) was awarded in the category of “creativity”, and “Lilo and Stich” (10 and 32) was the winner in the item “completion”.

As reported, the jury was made up of the professor from the Faculty of Fine Arts (UNLP), Ariel Tules; the person in charge of the Scenography Workshop of the Argentine Theater, Karina Sacco; journalist Julian Barbetti; and representatives of the city’s historic winning dolls, who also distinguished the emerging dolls.

Regarding the burning of the dolls, it is worth remembering that it was established that at 1 in the morning they all burn simultaneously to avoid the mass mobilization of people and thus respect health protocols. In turn, each show will last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Regarding the sanitary protocols under COVID-19, it will be mandatory for the participants to wear a nose mask, the provision of a sanitation sector for visitors, spectators or participants during the burning and subsequent disassembly and final cleaning. Likewise, in each of the dolls there must be information on the health prevention protocols.

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